BMV Imaging System

Our BMV imaging system portfolio consists of color ultrasound BPU60 and radiology machines, laser therapy, endoscope, use in cardiac and orthopedics imaging, recovery and critical care veterinary medicine.

On-farm Imaging

IP68 wireless imaging systems such as bovine ultrasound S9, wireless color Doppler S10, and equine ultrasound S6 and swine ultrasound MX5 and S3, all developed to cope with the demanding environment of the farm, stable, and veterinary practice.

Veterinary Equipment and Disposables

Range of veterinary anesthesia machines, monitoring devices, temperature, ventilators, vaporizers and consumable products are used in veterinary clinics, universities, and specialty areas such as zoos and aquatic centers.


Feature products


S6 Touch

The versatile ultrasound machine for large and small on-farm animal

MX5 Go

MX5 Go

The World’S First App-Based Swine Ultrasound Specialized For AI


PT50C Touch

Industry most lightweight touch HCU with three probe ports& DICOM/WIFI


Superior image performance and diverse applications

Our owned

Brand & subsidiaries

BMV is a professional high-tech company combining R&D, manufacture and distribution of specialty medical devices across medical and veterinary fields since 2008.

Fast Facts

  • BMV is a 2200 sq.m. manufacturing, testing and distribution facility with a 168 acre research farm.
  • Global headquarters: Shenzhen,Guangdong,China
  • Leadership: Mr.David Luo , President & CEO
  • As a CFDA-registered facility, we produce private label medical systems.
  • Registered capital 30 Million RMB


  • Manufacturing
  • Quality Systems
  • Product and Process Development
  • Logistics
BMV Medical
BMV Technology Co., Ltd, a member of BMV MEDICAL INC, offers a line of veterinary specific medical devices
Dravet Group
Agency international brand and its machines for use in veterinary imaging and critical care veterinary medicine.
Unilever Medical
As customer-oriented, and R&D driven company, Unilever Medical, owning over 20 types of products, has around 40+ patents, software copyrights, core confidential technology, confidential technics.

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Based in China and facing the whole world, BMV Electronics exerts tremendous efforts to establish a leading brand in the veterinary industry of China.