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bpu80 Vet Cardiac Ultrasound

Vet Cardiac Ultrasound

Pet Cloud Database | Spatial Elastography

3d/4d Harmonic Imaging | New X-Tech Single Crystal Probe

BPU80 Vet is a high-performance portable color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic instrument for veterinary use. Based on the world's leading new-generation X-Vision series plasiorm, equipped with top multi-mode independent R&D chips, it can quickly and efficiently process huge image data; an excellent ultrasound imaging system represents a new height of BMV, accurately positioning various pet applications, and satisfying different clinical needs, to provide a completely new experience.
bpu80 Doppler ultrasound

Pet Cardiac Application

  • Phase inversion harmonic imaging
  • Compared with traditional signal processing, the signal is enhanced by more than 30%
  • Improve image contrast resolution by more than 20%
  • PW mode/CW mode
  • 10 custom measurement keys

Pet abdomen application

  • Spatial composite imaging
  • Intelligent micro blood flow capture

Small Organ Application

  • Ladder imaging technology
    μ-Scan micro-imaging technology
  • iXcent pure wave single crystal probe

Pet Tendon Application

  • Shear wave elastography
  • Ultrasound-guided puncture technique
  • High-frequency linear array

Pet Obstetrics Application

  • Probe surface temperature control technology
  • 4 comparative measurement analysis
  • 10 custom measurement keys
  • 3D/4D function

Pet Vascular Application

  • Angle deflection technology
  • Real-time dynamic measurement
  • IMT inspection

Dual foot switch

  • Support dual footswitch expansion, various common functions can be set through the system
  • Make complicated diagnostic actions easy
  • IP68 highest level of dustproof and waterproof standard More convenience

Probe extension box

  • Support up to 2 probes
  • The in-position mode of the required probe can be freely selected through the software interface menu
  • The in-position mode of the required probe can be freely selected through the software interface menu

Trolley case

  • Small size, large space, can support carrying a complete main unit and accessories
  • Freely choose the way of carrying
  • Imported casters passed the 100-kilometer running test
  • The tie rod has passed 5000 times of tensile test

Mobile trolley

  • High-performance aluminum-magnesium alloy case
  • Silent anti-winding medical casters
  • Lock design Fast installation and removal


Clinical image

  • Fully independent R&D platform
  • Lossless signal processing technology guarantees that the back-end processing signal volume is 40 times that of the traditional
  • Ultra-wideband, high resolution, provide various new probes
  • Have a full range of diagnostic solutions

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