MX9 Wireless Ultrasound

  • Overview
  • Imaging Modes: CW, M-mode, B-mode, Color Doppler, Power Doppler, Pulsed Wave Doppler

  • Dimensions: 162 x 58 x 30mm, Weight: 368g,Probe Button: 4


  • Controls: Gain,TGC (near, mid, far),Depth


  • Channels:Receiving on 64 channels


  • Elements:198


  • Gray scale levels: 256


  • Dynamic range: 120dB


  • Frames rate: 26/frame


  • Scanning depth: Min/max scan depth 1cm / 31cm

MX9 Wireless ultrasound

Trustworthy Imaging

MX9 Scanners, with enhanced image quality based on our iBTech+ platform, premium probe technology and advanced beamforming, is designed to provide trustworthy imaging at any mobile clinical environment for clinicians, rendering more confidence on diagnosis.

MX9 Scanning

  • Enhanced image quality for fast and accurate pregnancy detection
  • Auto Identify Backfat measure
  • Wireless & ergonomic design, avoiding the inconvenient and fragile problem of the probe cable
  • Completely sealed waterproof unit with high quality chemical resistance materials, for easier cleaning and disinfection
  • Wireless charging and long working time
  • WiFi-6 and 5G ultra-wideband radio technology promote rapid data transmission
  • Easy-to-share images and data with Connect!Vet Cloud
  • The aordable reproduction tool,competes most closely with the popular IMV Duo-Scan:Go

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Multiple probe options


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