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S9 IP67 Wireless Ultrasound

BestScan™ S9 IP67 Wireless Ultrasound Scanner

Innovative Ergonomic Design in Every Details

BestScan™ S9 is wireless ultrasound system with the exciting breakthrough in technology such as AI for better images, wireless freedom,works on IOS and Android device, specifically engineered for all aspects of bovine and equine reproductive imaging, as well as for basic equine tendon imaging.

S9 ultrasound
 Innovative ergonomic design in every details
  • Wireless Freedom
  • Works on IOS and Android
  • Lithium battery power supply for up to 12 hours
  • Record videos and save images on your smart devices
  • High sensitivity transducer with AI for better images
  • 128 elements, receiving 32 channels, 26 frames per seconds
  • Waterproof and dustproof performance, submerge 1m depth, up to 30 min
s9 detail 

App-based ultrasound, so simple and smart

It is a wireless, App-based scanner. Make quicker on-farm critical decisions with high-quality ultrasound imaging in the palm of your hand. Just open the S9 Android app, search and connect WIFI, and you're set.

s9 operation step

Early pregnancy diagnosis

From day 22 (after the insemination), the embryonic heartbeat can be detected. Day 22~30, the embryo body is in C-shaped type. Day 50~60, the sex of the fetus can be identified.

Diagnosis of abnormal reproductive organs

Ovarian cysts are an important cause of infertility, as well as ovarian cysts and uterine abnormalities after treatment. Follicular puncture, ultrasound guided amniocentesis, and urethroplasty, examination of the bull reproductive system

s9 pregnancy diagnosis

Detection of normal ovarian development in cattle

The bovine follicles were identified and measured, and ultrasound scans of the ovary of the cow before and after estrus were performed to determine ovulation and the presence of the corpus luteum.

s9 imaging

Special Designed for Equine

S9 is a flexible imaging technique that can be used to visualize soft tissues such as limb tendons, eyes, abdominal and thoracic organs. S10's Color flow Doppler echocardiography is also available for cardiac assess-ment.

  • Orthopaedics exams
  • Guided injections – abdominal exams
  • Back and vertebral examinations
  • Reproduction diagnosis
  • Stallion genital tract
  • Foetal gender
 i-Scan® smart glasses
  • Wireless,smart,do more
  • OLED 800x480 transmissive display
  • 32 GB storage
  • 1.3 GHZ QUAD code CPU
  • Approximately 50 mins can be saved in a 2-hour diagnoses
  • Provide you with clear images under sunlight or in the dark
s9 video glasses 


Dedicated accessories
A wide range of dedicated accessories is available for this system, such as viewing options such as Android IP67 phone/pad and goggles, and optional accessories such as wireless charger, IFR introducer, chest
mount, wrist mount, and so on. We provide two types of carrying case, of soft or hard material.

s9 accessory

How to download the app?

The robust S9 app is available on compatible Android smart devices via scanning code to download or visit www.bmv.cc/app

 s9 downoad


Dust and splash proof  Yes
Imaging storage Yes
Viewing device Smartphone / Tablet/ I-Scan® Goggles.
S9 Scanner wireless link to compatible viewing device
Probe specification
  • Broadband rectal linear array transducer, active array length 64mm. 128 crystal array
  • Broadband rectal curved array transducer, 128 crystal array
Charging options Battery can be charged from DC power adapter or car 12v accessory socket
Battery life Removable li-ion battery gives 12h runtime
Battery charge time

5.5h - only use BMV approved battery charger and DC power adapter

Dimensions and weight

Dimension  185x80x35mm
Weight 850g


BMV Medical Technical Services & Support offers convenient options to maximize uptime of critical equipment while controlling costs. You deserve the peace of mind that comes with high quality service and support. Service personnel at BMV Medical focus on the needs of the healthcare institutions, so that care providers can focus on the needs of the patients.

Depend on our dedicated product specialists to deliver practical, comprehensive knowledge.

2-year warranty for peace of mind and low total cost of ownership.

Designed in the Taiwan and manufactured in China to meet the high standards of quality control, technical support and customer service that you've come to expect.

The single-board architecture and field replaceable modules make service fast and easy.BMV’s Customer Success Network gives you a Single Point of Entry for custom access to the right people for any situation.


Service Agreements brochure (PDF)


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