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Life begins with health, happiness based on BMV's technologies.


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Geographical breakdown of sales 2016

AMERICAS: 38%        EMEA: 36%        APAC: 26% 




Sales per division

Home health care

Note: *Approximate percentages based on sales 2016 restated


BMV Technology Co., Ltd is a professional high-tech company combining R&D, manufacture and distribution of specialty medical devices across medical and veterinary fields. The company has two product categories, namely Ultrasonic Imaging Systems Products, Patient Monitoring Products, and Veterinary Ultrasound Systems Products. These products provided innovative and lifesaving solutions for the world's healthcare markets , also bring veterinary technology to life.

As customer-oriented, and R&D driven company, BMV , owning over 30 types of products, has become a leading medical equipment supplier which maintains sustainable growth worldwide. More than that, BMV company has around 40+ patents, software copyrights, core confidential technology, confidential technics. Provide innovative solutions and superior support to help healthcare professionals and providers ensure safety, enhance patient outcomes, and improve the total cost of care.

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Our business logic of the breakthrough is innovation, we create the future with the future, based on the thinking and judgment of the future decided to today's action and decide what to do, how to do, in order to better services for our customers.


Integrated innovation is our innovative idea and the core driving force of our company's development.We always maintain independent thinking and believes that "the product is designed, good enterprise is designed", based on long board integration concept, we construct an integrated innovation platform.