Anesthesia & Monitoring

BMV Brand-new Anesthesia & Monitoring Solution

BMV offers a line of veterinary specific medical devices under the BMV brand that are recognized globally for their contributions in enhancing animal medicine. These devices are used in veterinary clinics, universities, and specialty areas such as zoos and aquatic centers around the world.

  • High precision volatilizer can precisely control anesthetic concentration and continuously adjust anesthetic output concentration;

  • The anesthetic gas enters the circuit quickly, and the anesthetic concentration changes more quickly;

  • Professional closed breathing circuit design to ensure stable concentration of anesthetic gas, reduce gas consumption and ensure clean environment;

  • Specially designed fast dosing mode, easy to use;

  • Special oxygen flow meter for small animals, suitable for low flow anesthesia and rapid recovery after operation;

  • It is equipped with exhalation and inhalation valves to clearly observe the breathing state of animals;

  • Spontaneous breathing and passive breathing can adjust tidal volume, respiratory rate and respiratory ratio;

  • The rapid oxygenation function ensures the oxygen supply of anesthesia engineering;

BAM-10 Dual-drug Vet Anesthesia Machine

  • Double evaporator meets various anesthesia needs, flexible anesthesia scheme and high anesthesia quality

  • Innovative Non-return parallel control struc avoid drug stringing

  • Easy Fill dosing method, accurate and no leakage

  • Supports reuse of old cans, saving costs

  • APL fast blocking button, easily respond to intraoperative emergency

  • Filter tank efficiently absorbs anesthesia waste gas, zero pollution of anesthesia waste gas

  • Simultaneously detect ECG, blood pressure, respiration, blood oxygen, body temperature, blood glucose and end tidal carbon dioxide (optional), and integrate seven parameters;

  • It adopts 5.5-inch 720p high-definition display screen and capacitive touch screen for operation, which is clear and easy to use;

  • It can be used in home, bedside monitoring, first aid and other places, supports WiFi, and has clock, alarm clock and other functions;

  • It can analyze a variety of long-term measurement data and consult the doctor remotely through the special mobile app binding;

  • BP algorithm was specifically developed for companion animals by experts at a leading vet school.



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