Animal Ovulation Detector

Animal Ovulation Detector

Ovulation detector is a device that easily grasps the ovulation period based on the change in the resistance value of the animal's vaginal mucus. Owing to this simple method, the breeder can detect ovarian cycle disorders, easily determine if the female animal is in ovulation estrus and determine the best date of mating, even if external symptoms fail to indicate that. 

It is a perfect device for breeders who experience problems with effective mating. Avoid the error of naked eye observation, avoid missing the animal's best mating time, eliminate cost expenditure and waste. It is easy to operate and completely safe for a tested animal. Ovulation detector of the optimum mating time for bitches has already gained popularity in numerous countries worldwide at home and abroad for many years. 

Why choose Ovulation Detector

  • Timely discovery of animals entering a period of ovulation without obvious features, detecting the best mating time for bitches.
  • Found no rules estrus animal entered a period of ovulation
  • Helps to identify ‘silent heat’ and ovarian cycle disorders.
  • No need to repeat mating, reduction of costly visits to the vet, reduces travel costs related to re-Mating, save on farm economic expenditure.
  • Allows for eliminating the stress related with repeated attempts at mating.
  • Significantly improve insemination efficiency and the worker’s skill.

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