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BCU60 Vet

Hand-Carried Color Doppler Ultrasound

The BMV BCU-60 Vet has the patented unique features, such as Holo PW, Auto Doppler positioning, and our best in class 20 MHz probe. With our industry leading technologies, BCU-60 Vet is able to bring exceptional operating experience like never before. Our uncompromising dedication to quality extends to our tailored cart and travel case. The BMV BCU-60 Vet, the best choice you can ever make.


The BCU-60 Vet color doppler ultrasound system is a full function hand-carried system. A portable, simple to use, and durable system with best-in-class image quality, offers features and image quality reserved for cart-based systems.

Smart Body
Slim and light, system weights only 4.9kg with battery


Completely adjustable, with large wheels, for smooth and safe transportation.


Dual transducer connectors
With two transducer ports, we have dramatically reduced the risk of connector damage.


Travel case
A dedicated customized travel case either for roll along or as a rucksack.


Powerful Platform

A powerful hardcore is a promise to excellent image performance 
bcu60 trolley


Holo Ultrasound Platform
Holo ultrasound platform provides a cutting-edge 64-beam imaging. Due to high-speed hardware platform, system can handle up to 5000 frames/s, that means around 1GB/s data being processed instantly. Those all dramatically increase diagnosis confidence and improve accuracy.


Holo PW
3 sampling gates under real-time imaging. Allow the user to move each gate pre and post-processing. An essential tool in accurately evaluating plaque. Used before, at & after vascular pathologic change position with synchronized one heart beat measurement.


Ultra-Wide Steer Angle
A precise tool to match vessel angle & blood flow. Up to 30° maximum angle, quick angle or simple 1 steps, offers complete user control.


Auto Doppler
The BMV BCU-60 Vet has the patented ability to automatically locate blood vessels. BCU-60 Vet automatically adjusts color box position, steer angle, PW gate size position, PW steer angle and correction angle. With Auto Doppler, confidence and time saving are a standard feature.


Time-spatial Speckle Suppression Imaging technology
Using BMV Time-spatial Speckle Suppression Imaging, the BCU-60 Vet reduces speckle precisely, without loss of information and improves image quality.

 bcu60 Platform

Durable and Stable
The BCU-60 Vet is always ready to respond to your requirements, uncompromising hard boot-time under 23 seconds, sleep reboot under 5 seconds.


With intelligent search, find the image you want by name, number, exam type, date, time, measurement, comment, or whatever unique criteria available.


Made of magnesium-aluminum alloy, the BCU-60 Vet is designed to withstand today’s harsh environments to complete the highest quality examination.


Broad Set of Transducers
Including our 20 MHz linear probe, the BCU-60 Vet system supports all examinations. Additional, BMV, offers the specific central line mark on the probe to assist any out-plane biopsy.


Application Abdomen, Reproduction, Gynecology, Cardiology, Small parts, Urology, Vascular, Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine, Anesthesia
Imaging modes

B Mode, Harmonic Imaging, M Mode, Color Doppler Imaging, Directional Power Doppler Imaging, PW Doppler, CW Doppler, TDI, 3D/4D, Anatomic M, Holo PW Imaging

Transducer type Convex Array, Linear Array, Phased Array
Transducer frequency 2-15Mhz
Transducer element 128
Transducer connector 2 active transducer connectors
Scanning depth Up to 351mm

Software: English, Chinese, Spanish and more(ODM support!)
Keyboard Input: English, Chinese, and more
User Manual: English, Chinese

Dimension 366x352x65mm
Weight 4.9kgs (Include battery)
Monitor 15 inch LED
Input and output
  • HDMI:                              1
  • Ethernet:                          1
  • USB 3.0:                          2
  • MIC:                                 1
  • DC in:                               1
  • ECG:                                1, reserved
  • Pencil port:                       1, reserved
  • HDMI In:                           1
  • S Video Out:                     1
  • VGA Out: 1
  • Audio 3.5mm Out: 1


BMV Medical Technical Services & Support offers convenient options to maximize uptime of critical equipment while controlling costs. You deserve the peace of mind that comes with high quality service and support. Service personnel at BMV Medical focus on the needs of the healthcare institutions, so that care providers can focus on the needs of the patients.

Depend on our dedicated product specialists to deliver practical, comprehensive knowledge.

2-year warranty for peace of mind and low total cost of ownership.

Designed in the Taiwan and manufactured in China to meet the high standards of quality control, technical support and customer service that you've come to expect.

The single-board architecture and field replaceable modules make service fast and easy.BMV’s Customer Success Network gives you a Single Point of Entry for custom access to the right people for any situation.


Service Agreements brochure (PDF)


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