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- Veterinary x-ray imaging,bovine ultrasounds, equine ultrasounds
- Veterinary-specific medical devices, petkits, and consumables


Smart Body 

Slim and light system weights only 4.9kg with battery  

Dual transducer connectors

With two transducer ports, we have dramatically reduced the risk of connector damage.


Completely adjustable, with large ehwwls for smooth and safe transportation.

 Travel case

A dedicated customized travel case either for roll along or as a runcksack.


Automatically generate QR code for every case, support sharing through phone, allow the doctors to share classic cases. It also supports remote diagnosis and real time transmission for images, audios and videos.

Auto Doppler 

The Wisonic Clover has the patented ability to automatically locate blood vessels. Clover automatically adjusts color box position, steer angle, PW gate size position, PW steer angle and correction angle. With Auto Doppler, confidence and time saving are a standard feature.  

Time-Spatial Speckle Suppression Imaging 

Using Wisonic Time-spatial Speckle Suppression Imaging technology, the Clover reduces speckle precisely , without loss of information and improves image quality. 

Extremely portable,

Visit patients anytime or

anywhere you want,

Applicable in different scenarios

Power Platform 

A powerful hard core is a promise to excellent image performance

Holo Ultrasound Platform

Holo platform provides a cutting-edge 64-beam imaging. Due to high-speed

hardware platform, system can handle up to 5000 frames/s, that means around

1GB/s data being processed instantly. Those all dramatically increase diagnosis confidence and improve accuracy.  

Durable and Stable

The Clover is always ready to respond to your requirements, uncompromising hard boot-time under 23 seconds, sleep reboot under 5 seconds.


With intelligent search, find the image you want by name, number, exam type, date, time, measurement, comment, or whatever unique criteria available.


 Made of magnesium aluminum alloy, the Clover is designed to withstand today’s harsh environments to complete the highest quality examination.

Broad Set of Transducers 

Including our 20 MHz linear probe, the Clover system supports all examinations. Additional, Wisonic, offers the specific central line mark on the probe to assist any out-plane biopsy.

Holo PW

3 sampling gates under real-time imaging. Allow the user to move each gate pre and post-processing. An essential tool in accurately evaluating plaque. Used before, at, & after vascular pathologic change position with synchronized one heart beat measurement.


Ultra-Wide Steer Angle

A precise tool to match vessel angle & blood flow. Up to 30° maximum angle, quick angle or simple 1° steps, offers complete user control.

What will benefit?

We are united in our responsibility to create healthier futures and we value your partnership on that journey. We look forward to exploring the ways we can make a difference for your business.

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We use technologies trusted by worldwide top group pig, sheep, cattle farms.

Patient & Doctor

We make animal-patient closely connect, by providing accuracy and intelligence.

Flexible Policy

MOQ,OEM,ODM,Timely on-line service.


We design products for users, turn complex medical tests into simple Veterinary checks.

Engineering Capability

22 national patents,13 trademarks,more than 30 software copyrights.


Red dot /IF Reward DesignHigh-Tech Enterprises.


We keep exploring, to create innovations for professional Veterinarians.


New-Generation Design,Portable Health Tracker with Free App, PC Software solution cloud service.

Pregnancy Detection

Pregnancy Detection

Animals, pigs, sheep, alpacas

Free app

Free app

Share PDF/CSV Analysis with Doctors

FDA Registered

FDA Registered

Medical Accuracy Trusted by Clinics

Built-in Memory

Built-in Memory

Works Together with app

Abnormal Alert

Abnormal Alert

Al Auto back-fat checking



charge battery with USB Cable Automatic shutdown fuction saves battery life

Free /Android app

Free /Android app

Gen erate Analysis & Trend Chart

Company Profile

BMV,bringing veterinary technology to life by improving animal care with diagnostic imaging, because we believe BMV's technology can help you improve animal care and our team can help you to grow your business together.

Founded in 2008,BMV is a hi-tech enterprise specialized in R&D, manufacturing, marketing, selling and service of animal diagnostic imaging equipment. We always focused on supplying the best ultrasound products and services to our customers, distributors and suppliers can rely on.

As customer-oriented, and R&D driven company, BMV Smart Agri, owning over 20+ types of products, all of our imaging equipment is designed and manufactured in-house.More than that, BMV company has around 40+ patents, software copyrights, core confidential technology, confidential technics.We always focused on supplying the best ultrasound products and services to our customers, distributors and suppliers can rely on,and deliver technology that really makes a difference in animal care.

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BMV,No1 brand Chinese manufacturer in veterinary ultrasound,veterinary specific medical devices and consumable products since 2008.

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