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  • HOLO ™ The imaging technology platform adopts the industry-leading plane wave imaging technology, which can provide up to 5000 frames per second of signal acquisition rate, so as to obtain excellent images, which can greatly improve the doctor's diagnostic confidence;
  • Industry leading 64 beam ultrasound imaging, which can process 5000 frames per second;
    High strength magnesium aluminum alloy fuselage, durable, escort for animal examination, excellent cardiac ultrasound software and probe;
  • The unique global holo-pw function supports up to three PW images in real time. After freezing, the SV position can be changed arbitrarily for re imaging, and the changes of vascular stenosis can be measured more accurately in the same cardiac cycle. It supports up to three PW images in real time;
  • The industry's lightest dual probe interface portable color Doppler ultrasound with battery only 4.9 kg;
  • Ultra wide angle fine deflection, ultra wide directional sound velocity probe with super large deflection angle, deflection step length of 1 ° minimum, accurate matching of animal blood vessel shape, so as to obtain stronger Doppler echo signal, excellent spectrum and blood flow image;
  • Intelligently find the location of blood vessels, identify the direction of blood vessels, and automatically set the deflection angle of B, PW, color and PW correction angle to improve the operation efficiency. Time domain spatial noise reduction technology can improve the signal-to-noise ratio and obtain excellent imaging;
  • The special trolley and trolley box can facilitate the transfer between different departments and bedside, and can meet the needs of multi scene application.
  • Price/Performance;
  • B, B&M, 2B, 4B, Color, Power, PW;
  • Excellent image quality;
  • Versatile and easy to use;
  • Latest design, proven solution(all veterinary application);
  • 15 inches color LED touch screen with 45 degree tilt functionality;
  • Three transducer port is designed to meet the different clinical applications;
  • Advanced imaging technology and superior image quality can provide fast and precise scans;
  • Applicable to scans of equine, bovine, ovine, swine, feline, canine, etc;
  • Applicable to different diagnosis of abdomen, obstetrics, cardiology, small parts, vascular, tendon, etc;
  • Replaceable long life battery;
  • IBscan™ quick image optimization;
  • Annotation library for quick comment;
  • IBstation™ patient information management system;
  • USB image transfer and software upgrade;
  • Image clipboard for thumbnail view;
  • The supported DICOM 3.0 can communicate with PACS system of the hospital seamlessly;
  • Includes an extended multi-year warranty when purchased new Modular software, easy for upgrade, free lifetime upgrade to new versions;
  • The PT60 together with PT50 competes most closely with the popular Mindray TE7 & TE5 and ECM exapad ultrasound machines.
  • Touchscreen Clear Image;
  • Easy Operation;
  • 3 active probe connectors;
  • Versatility;
  • Adjustable viewing angle;
  • Industry unique; Latest design(Industry unique), proven solution(equine,small animal, bovine OPU);
  • The PT60 together with PT50C competes most closely with the popular Mindray TE7 & TE5 and ECM Exapad ultrasound machines.
MX9 ultrasound
  • Medica-grade AL-Mg alloy design;

  • Free DICOM;

  • 3-year warranty;

  • Splash-resistant design for reliable cleaning and hospital grade disinfectants;

  • Huge battery provides more than enough power to last for over 4 hours;

  • 300g,ultra-light and thin, agile mobility;

  • Modular, maintenance-free, future-proof platform;

  • M-mode, B-mode, Color Doppler, Power Doppler, pulsed wave Doppler;

  • iBTech+ platform,trustworthy imaging at any mobile clinical environment; Ibcear :Smooth uniform tissues;

  • synthetic-focus beam forming; Probe S-crystal technology; Cutting-edge processor and new 5G,Wifi-6 for seamless connection performance;

  • Connectivity:Export studies via MicroUSB or DICOM,print to wireless printers,share, send and archive images,display images through HDMI port

  • Wireless color ultrasound, ready to match the desktop image details;
  • Medical grade magnesium aluminum alloy, high grade and durable;
  • Anti splash design, can be cleaned with disinfectant;
  • Large capacity battery, providing more than 4 hours of endurance;
  • 300g lightweight design;
  • New 5g and WiFi 6, release the strongest processor performance;
  • Enjoy 3-year original warranty;
  • Ibtech platform ensures imaging in any mobile environment;
  • 220 V power supply, no need to modify the hospital power system
  • Small floor area, the host can be directly put into the console
  • It has the function of automatic fault detection and automatic parameter calibration to ensure the consistency of radiation dose.
  • 20kW high power, 10 Inch Touch screen design, easy to operate
  • Supporting digital image acquisition and processing workstation, 1TB hard disk, 23.6-inch HD large screen
  • Professional medical record management system, fast registration, processing, view
  • Image intelligent hierarchical processing, to ensure the best image display effect
  • Abundant pet specific measurement tools, VHS cardiac enlargement assessment, etc
  • 13.3-inch touch screen: horizontal and vertical use more freely, high sensitivity touch screen is easier to operate, screen and host seamless design, convenient for cleaning and disinfection;

  • Remote control probe: three probe keys, key function interface diagram, remote interaction with the host;

  • Wilearn teaching software: provide professional teaching software, convenient for users to quickly learn and master relevant skills.



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