Dog Breeding Ultrasound

Dog breeding ultrasound is a valuable tool for determining pet pregnancy, assessing fetal viability and correct formation, assessing the number of fetuses, ensuring delivery of all puppies during whelping and much more.

Mitigate the travel, stress, expense that routine prenatal x-rays demand. Ultrasound offers a safe, convenient option allowing breeders to go into whelping with more confidence.

Ultrasound scanners can be used very successfully around 28 days post ovulation.

pt50a bw ultrasound
  • Touchscreen Clear Image;

  • Easy Operation;

  • 3 active probe connectors;

  • Versatility;

  • Adjustable viewing angle;

  • Industry unique; Latest design(Industry unique), proven solution(equine,small animal, bovine OPU);

  • The PT60 together with PT50C competes most closely with the popular Mindray TE7 & TE5 and ECM Exapad ultrasound machines.

  • Support PW;

  • Price/Performance;

  • IPX7,designed on animal condition environment;

  • Built to last years, highly cost effective;

  • 180g,ultra-light and thin, agile mobility;

  • Remote control;

  • USB-C transducer with replaceable cable;

  • 1-year warranty,no hidden fees;

  • iBTech+ platform;

  • Ibcear :Smooth Uniform Tissues;

  • Advanced harmonic imaging;

  • Probe S-crystal technology: broadband frequency response and higher sensitivity;

  • Versatile and easy to use,ready when you are; Broadband curved/linear/rectal array transducer(12 to 1 MHz operating frequency range)




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