Dog Breeding Ultrasound

Dog breeding ultrasound is a valuable tool for determining pet pregnancy, assessing fetal viability and correct formation, assessing the number of fetuses, ensuring delivery of all puppies during whelping and much more.

Mitigate the travel, stress, expense that routine prenatal x-rays demand. Ultrasound offers a safe, convenient option allowing breeders to go into whelping with more confidence.

Ultrasound scanners can be used very successfully around 28 days post ovulation.

  • Industry first App-based mobile ultrasound, ready when you are
  • Versatile and easy to use
  • IPX7,designed on animal condition environment
  • Built to last years,highly cost effective
  • Equivalent to more expensive machines
  • Broadband curved/linear/rectal array transducer(12 to 1 MHz operating frequency range)
  • 2D, color Doppler(MX5 Go Plus), advanced harmonic imaging
  • High resolution imaging(Larger scan angel) for swine,small ruminants-ovine/caprine,and dog/cat applications:abdominal diagnosis,OB/GYN (pregnancy control,sexing,counting),fat control – body conditions.
  • And bovine applications: reproduction,sexing,abdominal diagnosis,evaluation of teats,genital apparatus
  • USB-C transducer with replaceable cable
  • In medical market,MX5 Go competes most closely with the popular GE Vscan Extend and Philips Lumify,Butterfly iQ. And in vet market,MX5 Go competes Kaixin KX5200/RKU10.
pt50a bw ultrasound
  • "Pad Touch PT50A Vet designed for professional dog breeders is an excellent touch pad ultrasound system with a clear image quality. The workflow is very well connected .I was much impressed with the ease and scanning speed offered by it" – Said by owner-operator at "Blessed Bulldogs" and
    Horse Trainer - Dee Toler.

  • For dog breeders to independently confirm pregnancy, estimate the number of puppies before birth(determine number of puppies as early as 23rd day of pregnancy), plan the sale of puppies and observe the pregnancy conveniently and cost effectively. Yes, you can!
  • Breeding Analyzer conducts an immunoassay analysis based on fluorescence technology to measure progesterone in whole Serum samples from female dogs and generates prompt quantitative results for management of breeding.

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