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- Veterinary x-ray imaging,bovine ultrasounds, equine ultrasounds
- Veterinary-specific medical devices, petkits, and consumables


Small animal ultrasound, when and where you need it

AI-Powered for Optimal Imaging

Superior image quality for small animal and equine applications within a robust, portable ultrasound system that is suitable for referral level and first opinion veterinary practices.

BPU60: The smart compact BPU60 offers amazing image quality and functionality with no compromise on features at an affordable price.

PT60: A high resolution touchscreen of 15” unequaled affordable for such a quality of imaging,working time of more than two hours, exceptionally lightweight.

  • Easy to Use
  • Durable
  • Quick Start Up
  • 4000+ Systems Installed Globally
  • 2 Year Factory Warranty

BPU60 Vet Ultra-portable Color Doppler Ultrasound System

BPU80 Vet Cardiac Ultrasound

BPU50 Vet Hand-carried Color Doppler Ultrasound

PT60 Vet Smart Tablet Ultrasound System

PT50C Vet Touch Color Doppler Ultrasound System

PT50A Vet Touch Full Digital Ultrasound System

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BMV,No1 brand Chinese manufacturer in veterinary ultrasound,veterinary specific medical devices and consumable products since 2008.

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