For Dealers And Support Staff

The License Management Facility (LMF), as well as the BMV Technical Support Knowledge Management System, is located on a separate website: Dealer Service Support Page

The LMF tool provides the license keys necessary after performing system upgrades or when attaching previously unlicensed transducers. The BMV Technical Support Knowledge Management System is a comprehensive and searchable knowledge base of Service support documentation including Service Manuals, Service Bulletins, New Product Bulletins, Product Specifications, Compatibility Matrices, Troubleshooting Flowcharts, and Repair Tips.

If you are a dealer and need access to the Service Support Page, send an email via our contact form.


Service Event Reports

  • View a sample completed Service Event Report (pdf)
  • Blank Service Event Report (docx)


Ordering Spare Parts

Ordering spare parts is easy. Complete instructions are provided below. Send your completed Service Event Report and purchase order to [email protected]

Only Authorized BMV Repair Sites may perform repairs during the warranty period. All other repair attempts void the warranties in effect on the product. If you are a current BMV distributor and would like information on becoming authorized to perform warranty repairs, please contact a BMV office for more information.


Ordering Spare Parts to Be Installed in a Specific System

  • Forward a Service Event Report and a purchase order for each system requiring repairs.
  • Instructions for completing the Service Event Report are included on the second page of the electronic version of the document.
  • The purchase order must be completed using the appropriate values from our Service Price List.
  • Note: Warranty parts will be given a full credit once the faulty parts are returned to BMV. For non-exchange credit parts, the credit is automatic; the parts do not need to be returned. Instructions for returning parts are included with the replacement part.
  • Forward by e-mail to [email protected] 
  • Prices can be found on the BMV Service Price List. Please contact us for a copy of this document.


Ordering Parts for Stock

  • We recommend that BMV Repair Sites purchase a stock of repair parts to keep on hand. This will speed the repair process for the customer and result in a high level of customer satisfaction.
  • Please forward a purchase order for parts you require for your service stock. Use the prices on the price list. We are happy to recommend a basic set of parts for you to keep on hand.
  • For those ordering configurable parts for stock, the parts will be programmed with a generic configuration and all optional features turned off. Please specify the language as this cannot be changed with a license key.
  • Once you install parts from your stock into a system, please forward a Service Event Report to us with the details of the repair. For configurable parts, we will then issue a license key to configure the part.
  • If the system is covered under a BMV warranty, we will ship replacement parts for a predetermined price or, in some cases, at no charge. Exchange-eligible parts will be shipped per the procedures above except the replacement will be shipped with a generic configuration and the language of your choice.
  • If the system is not covered under a BMV warranty, a purchase order is required to ship parts to replenish your stock.