MX5 Go Series Veterinary Ultrasound


App-based ultrasound – anywhere, anytime

App-based ultrasound – anywhere, anytime

Focused Applications in Reproduction

Great potential for monitoring follicle growth and prediction of ovulation




MX5 portable ultrasound system comprises a set of handheld ultrasound transducers that connect via USB to a compatible Android smart device, such as a smartphone or tablet, to help healthcare professionals make fast, accurate decisions in a wide range of applications. The system includes the L10-5 Linear Array Transducer, C5-2 Convex Array Transducer, and P4-2 Phased Array Transducer, allowing doctors to deal with a wide range of essential diagnostic situations for acute care, internal medicine, musculoskeletal, office practice, especially the great potential for civil emergency medicine.

App-based ultrasound – anywhere, anytime
Just download the MX5 ultrasound app, plug in the transducer, and you're set. Meet patients at the point-of-care, make a faster diagnosis, and deliver care whenever it's needed.

Focused Applications in POC
The MX5 realizes the benefits of workflow efficiency while providing superior imaging for rapid bedside patient assessment. With an intuitive design, ease of operation, incredible image quality, slim go capability, touch-screen gesture, and simplified intuitive workflow, the MX5 provides diagnostic confidence for focused applications of acute care, internal medicine, musculoskeletal, office practice.

Great potential for civil emergency medicine & midwife patient care
MX5 ultrasound provides high-quality imaging and is routinely used in many clinical environments, from hospital bedsides and clinics, even in a civil accident and emergency medicine, MX5 mobile ultrasound can be a useful supplement to other diagnostic tools. In hospitals, medical practices and home visits, MX5 can equally underpin rapid point-of-care diagnoses, avoiding delays or the need for patients to travel.

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Simple, portable, and capable of delivering high-quality imagery, the MX5 Go assists you in making quick, knowledgeable decisions. This innovative device takes ultrasound transducers wherever they need to be to cater to your veterinary needs.


Dr. Chow of Vitalpets in Hongkong stated

  • The software seems well adapted to the needs of today's veterinary.
  • The compact size and mobility of the system make it ideal for a veterinary “mobile” sonographer. One can seamlessly transport from clinic to clinic without disrupting the workflow. It’s effortless to set up in any room, suite, kennel, or even hallway if necessary. This flexibility is great.
  • Additionally, the imaging quality of the linear probe is spot on for what one would expect from MX5 Go. Cats and small to medium dogs can be scanned easily with this powerful probe.
  • The large convex probe is also useful in medium to large breed dogs. I can’t say enough about the image quality of this machine, especially when using the linear probe. This machine is an outstanding addition to our busy and growing mobile ultrasound business here in the Hongkong area. We are so impressed, that we just purchased an additional MX5 Go Plus!


C5-2 broadband curved array transducer

C5-2E Convex Array Transducer

  • 5-2 Mhz,
  • Radius:60mm,
  • Scan depth: 6-24cm;
  • Ibcear: Smooth UniformTissues;
  • Equipped with PW Doppler;
  • S-crystal technology: broadband frequency response and higher sensitivity
L10-5S 14-6 Mhz Linear

L10-5E Linear array Transducer

  • 5~10Mhz; 7.5M;
  • Length:38mm,
  • Scan depth: 2-7cm;
  • Ibcear : Smooth Uniform Tissues;
  • S-crystal technology: broadband frequency response and higher sensitivity
L10-5 broadband linear array transducer

L10-5 Enhanced Linear Array Transducer

  • 5~10Mhz;7.5M;
  • Length:38mm;
  • Scan depth:2-7cm;
  • Element: 128;
  • Ibcear: Smooth Uniform Tissues;
  • S-crystal technology: broadband frequency response and higher sensitivity