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Smart pocket ultrasound brings significant advances in medical technology

In the field of medical devices, the ultrasound industry has a low starting point and is developing rapidly. The BMV MX5 Smart Pocket Ultrasound is a new ultrasonic imaging tool that does not have to be connected to a fixed host compared to traditional portable ultrasound equipment.

MX5 offers a wider selection of adapters that support a wide range of smart devices, whether smart phones or tablets, just install the adapted APP to form a perfect ultrasound scanning system.

mx5 ultrasound for livestock

The BMV MX5 Smart Pocket Ultrasound supports one-handed operation and delivers ultrasound images to the instrument's smart device via the transducer, making it easy to control operations, whether it's storage or parameter adjustment. Now we are aselling smart handheld ultrasound products in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. In the near future, most hospitals and primary care can use the MX5 ultrasound scanner. BMV smart pocket ultrasound equipment for emergency, anesthesiology and Other clinical departments have brought great convenience in ultrasound applications.

Traditional large-scale ultrasound system connection transducers must be connected to bulky hosts, which greatly limits the freedom of operation of the equipment and inevitably causes trouble. BMV Smart Pocket Ultrasound is very beneficial for doctors to carry out their work. When he goes out, he only needs to bring a probe to diagnose with a portable smartphone or tablet. The emergence of smart pocket ultrasound in the medical field has provided doctors with more free choices and solved a series of difficult problems that were difficult to overcome in the past. Intelligent pocket ultrasound has a wide range of applicability, and its development prospects are infinite.
BMV medical is a high-tech production enterprise integrating production and research of various intelligent handheld probe type B-ultrasound, handheld ultrasound, notebook ultrasound and other products. Quality assurance, providing one-stop service, price concessions, BMV smart handheld ultrasound, big brand is trustworthy.


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