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Why BestScan S10 has the Advantage of color Doppler sonography in predicting the gender of the equine fetus?

Wireless BestScan® S10 color doppler ultrasound fetal sex determination is a rapid, reliable, and feasible technique.

The sexing of the fetus is possible during two preferential periods. The early sexing period extends from 57 to 70 day of gestation, with an optimal time between 59 and 68 days. During this period, the diagnosis of sex is based on the position of the genital tubercle in relation to surrounding structures.

The late sexing period extends from 90 to 120 days of gestation. During this period, sex diagnosis is based on observation of the external genitalia organs of the fetus. In practice, it is recommended to perform an early sexing of the fetus, but if there is any doubt, a second examination uses to done in the optimum time between 90 and 120 days of gestation.

BestScan® S10 color doppler ultrasound Fetal sex determination by the transrectal Doppler ultrasonography was an effective technique both in the earlier gestational stage (57-70 days) and the later gestational stage (90-120 days). The time required to determine sex was <180 s, which allows this practice to be employed even at the peak of the breeding season. The accuracy of sex determination can be increased in the early period between 57 and 70 days using Doppler mode compared to 2D mode, especially in male more than female sex. The reliability of the result depends on the conditions of realization (brightness and animal restraint), the setting and quality of the ultrasound system, and the experience of the operator.

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