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How to use S10 Color Doppler Ultrasound of the corpus luteum during the oestrus cycle in dairy cows?

BestScan® S10 wireless color Doppler ultrasound has recently emerged as one of the main innovations in cattle practice and has mainly found application in the evaluation of luteal blood perfusion (LBF). 

The advent of color Doppler ultrasonography promoted tremendous advances in research and clinical practice in animal reproduction, because it allowed noninvasive visualization of the vascularization in reproductive organs. In particular, the corpus luteum blood flow reflects luteal function better than luteal size in ruminants. 

LBF has been evaluated during different phases of the oestrous cycle,  evaluate visual and quantitative changes of size of corpus luteum (CL) and LBF in dairy cattle during an oestrous cycle at 2 follicular waves using colour flow mode (CFM) and power flow mode (PFM) doppler ultrasound.

Since buffaloes are a seasonal species, it is important to evaluate corpus luteum functionality also during the nonbreeding season, through blood flow examination and early pregnancy diagnosis. For this reason, we selected 29 Mediterranean buffaloes that had undergone synchronization and artificial insemination and were examined daily, from 5 to 10 days post-artificial insemination. Then, we retrospectively classified the buffaloes as pregnant or nonpregnant. Statistical analysis showed that pregnant animals had higher mean progesterone concentration and higher mean time average medium velocity values from Day 5 to Day 10 compared to nonpregnant buffaloes. Moreover, these two parameters could be used to predict the likelihood of pregnancy, starting on Day 6, although more reliable results could be obtained at Day 10 post-artificial insemination. In conclusion, a proper CL growth and development from Day 5 to Day 10 post-timed artificial insemination (TAI) is crucial for pregnancy maintenance during the transitional period.

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Reproductive Ultrasound in Cattle

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