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BMV Technology launches Laparoscopy training work for “advocate minimally invasive, caring for pets”

From Mar.24th. to 25th. 2021,in order to better care for animals and benefit mankind, extensively disseminate and develop animal laparoscopic techniques. BMV Technology Co., Ltd. held a two-day 2021 Laparoscopy Training Advanced Course in Shenzhen, the training schedule includes the use and application of a variety of endoscopes such as digestive endoscopy,otoscope,nasoscope,bronchoscope,gastroscopy,colonoscopy,etc., and more than ten professional skills such as,percutaneous cystoscope removal of stones, nephroscope removal of kidney stones, and laparoscopic exploration of abdominal organs with double-hole ovarian and uterine excision. The co-sponsor has the following 5 industry authoritative companies: BMV Technology Co., Ltd.,Gongjiang Endoscopy Instruments Co., Ltd., Gigaa Optronics Technology Co., Ltd. Yiqianchuang Technology Co., Ltd.,and Kebo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Among them, BMV Technology Co., Ltd. is a medical equipment manufacturer and service provider integrating R&D, production and sales. With the industry's first large-scale wireless color Doppler ultrasound system for pastures, it has recently won the German Red Dot Award. The main lecturers of this training are Shaoqing Li and Hao Fan. Among them, Mr.Shaoqing Li is the founder of Shanghai Guoguo Endoscopy Minimally Invasive Surgery Center, a master's degree in clinical veterinary medicine from South China Agricultural University, a four-certified physician in endoscopy minimally invasive surgery at Colorado State University, and the leader of the minimally invasive endoscopy department of Ruipai Group. One of the top sixteen experts of Ruipai Group, the editor of Endoscopy of "Modern Pet Doctor Handbook", the director of the industry branch of the Alumni Association of South China Agricultural University, and the certified physician of the Hong Kong Veterinary Association capsule mirror course. From 2009 to 2016, graduate students of South China Agricultural University won the special prize of the Provincial Skills Competition and the National University Student Veterinary Skills Special Prize; He went to the endoscopy hospitals in Taipei, Taichung, Hong Kong and other places to exchange and study, and obtained the capsule mirror course certification of the Hong Kong Veterinary Association in 2016,and went to Colorado State University in the United States for certification courses in 2017, and obtained four certifications in Colorado, including certified physicians for minimally invasive surgery, certified laparoscopic physicians, certified gastrointestinal surgeons, and certified laparoscopic sterilization physicians. He was the first certified physician in Mainland China to be certified Veterinarian, and established Shanghai Guoguo Endoscopic Minimally Invasive Surgery Center in 2018, and carried out a number of endoscopic minimally invasive surgery and inspections. Also established the Ruipai Group Endoscopic Minimally Invasive Specialist Group in 2019, and served as the team leader to give lectures in various places, minimally invasive is the theme, promotes the national clinical development of endoscopic minimally invasive, and enhances the national veterinarian's awareness of minimally invasive. The main lecturer Hao Fan, the founder of the "Little Li's Home" training program in the Department of Human Medicine and Urology, has trained 7% of urologists in China to perform soft-scope laser lithotripsy, the only single-port laparoscopic hands-on training course in China's urology department Designer, who has been on a CCTV discovery tour, designer of suture-free percutaneous laser lithotripsy for male dogs, trainer of non-invasive and invasive laser soft mirror lithotripsy for all large and medium-sized animals in Beijing, former Capital Medical University, Beijing Cardiac surgeon from Anzhen Hospital, graduated from Department of Clinical Medicine, Beijing Medical University. Through this training, the trainees not only experienced the powerful functions of BMV Technology, including telemedicine, BMV Cloud + platform, and BCU90 high-performance touch cardiogram, BCU60 professional veterinary heart, BPU60 high-performance veterinary portable, etc. Meanwhile, the Doppler ultrasound diagnosis system has solidly and proficiently mastered the professional skills of animal laparoscopy in practice, promoted the national clinical development of endoscopic minimally invasive, and improved the minimally invasive awareness of veterinarians, which is the application of minimally invasive technology in the veterinary field. Also has contributed to the development and promotion of the company.


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