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How to choose a ultrasound machine for visualizing the reproductive track of the female pig?


Due to the limitations of the farm environment, most veterinarians will agree that a  lightweight, portable, cost-effective real-time ultrasonography (RTU) is ideal for reproductive imaging in the female pig. Besides, in image specificity, quality, and ease of imaging of the female reproductive tract is considered.

Pregnancy has traditionally been confirmed based on the absence of signs of estrus at 18-24 days after mating. Moreover, the traditional ultrasonic modes have intrinsic sensitivity constraints, which have generally limited their use to diagnosing pregnancy > 35 days after mating. In contrast, real-time B-mode ultrasound (RTU) is more accurate and sensitive for diagnosing pregnancy before 35 days postmating in swine compared to other methods.

With the recent development of less expensive and more portable RTU units, greater numbers of swine producers and veterinarians are using this technology to directly confirm early pregnancy in the field.

Two new products launched by BMV are ideal choices.

S4/S3 Plus Scanners, with enhanced image quality based on our iBTech+ platform, premium probe technology and advanced beamforming, is designed to provide trustworthy imaging at any mobile clinical environment for clinicians, rendering more confidence on diagnosis.

With exceptional pregnancy imaging performance and advanced analysis tools, S4/S3 Plus

provides a combination of quality, efficiency and portability under pigs, sheep, or goats farm scenarios.

It equipped with enhanced image quality for fast and accurate pregnancy detection (18 days after the pig is pregnant), and auto identify Backfat measure.



BMV has also upgraded its products from several aspects to adapt to the environment of the pig farm. S4/S3 Plus are completely sealed waterproof units with high quality chemical resistance materials, for easier cleaning and disinfection. It supports wireless charging and long working time. Equipped with Wi-6 and 5G ultra-wideband radio technology promote rapid data transmission.

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