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BMV Ultrasonographic Imaging technology:noninvasive powerful tool for early pregnancy diagnosis

Early detection of embryo plays an important role in cattle breeding because return to service are difficult to detect due to lack of definite estrous cycle and less obvious external signs of estrus. Therefore, a noninvasive method of early pregnancy diagnosis with ultrasound would greatly help to identify nonpregnant she- cattles as early as day 20.

Ultrasonography is a noninvasive powerful tool for early pregnancy diagnosis, fetal heart rate and placental development in the human, as well as in domestic animals like cattle, mares, goats, sheep, pigs, llamas and alpacas.

Most veterinarians' requirements for veterinary ultrasound are portable, durable, easy to operate, can meet the diagnostic needs. The BMV's veterinary ultrasound meets all these requirements.

S6 is a professional handheld veterinary ultrasound machine. It’s with IP67 waterproof protective case; robust : Fire-proofing and anti-corrosion ABS, military level+ splash proof, Anti-corrosion, aluminum alloy case, hood sheath available. Its 7 inches touch rotatable screen makes it easy using like mobile phone. More importantly, it provides grid measurement and rich veterinary measurement software.



To make farm ultrasound more portable, BMV has also continued to develop and introduce a super portable S10 wireless ultrasound.

This is an intelligent wireless ultrasound scanning machine, professional application in equine, bovine, sheep,goats,small animal hospital, uterus, ovaries, fetal structure, for checking fetal sex, reproductive tract disease, horse's far limb, tendon, bone, eyes, abdomen and chest organs;

Its dust and waterproof integrated design make you work on the farm more assured. There are no too many buttons and it is easier to operate.

Rich measurement software packages to calculate gestational age, expected date of birth, helps identification of early pregnancy, fetal gender and uterine diseases;



With traditional pregnancy tests, veterinarians may not be able to detect an animal until long after it is pregnant. But with veterinary ultrasound scanners, it can be detected after 13 to 28 days after an animal is pregnant. This can greatly reduce the operating costs of the farm and improve work efficiency.

New ultrasound machines are introduced every year, and BMV does not stop its pace. We continue to develop and provide higher quality veterinary ultrasound machines according to the needs of veterinarians. For more details, visit


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