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"Internet +" pet diagnosis & treatment BMV technology launches professional veterinary cardiac color Doppler ultrasound machine

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Everybody has been plagued by various diseases, the pets will also face this kind of problem.

At the 13th East-West Small Animal Clinical Veterinarians Conference of WEAVC,

BMV technology, a company specialized in medical equipment for small animals, showed a platform for rapid diagnosis and remote monitoring of pet disease images once again. It has created conditions for the development of pet diagnosis & treatment, and helped more pet medical institutions realize the visual presentation of normal cardiac and various cardiac diseases and changes in cardiac structure. It provides hardware support for the pathophysiology, clinical diagnosis, interventional treatment and precision surgery of cardiac disease.

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Portable and anti-interference     suitable for various environments

BCU60 professional veterinary cardiac color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic system brought by BMV technology has achieved another leap, from its appearance design to practical functions. And the professional-level anti-interference design provides a full range of protection for outdoor treatments of pets, and can be applied to pet treatments under various conditions and environments. On the other hand, the portable non-invasive electronic sphygmomanometer design brings convenience for medical staff to provide basic treatment.

Sure, this professional veterinary cardiac color Doppler system, which provide industry-leading 64-beam ultrasound imaging, the high-speed hardware configuration ensures processing efficiency and imaging clarity. RF Radio frequency data provides a solid guarantee for medical staff to obtain undistorted original image information.


Ultra-wide-angle design, clear imaging

Entering the era of big data, the quality of medical equipment lies in its hardware configuration and its software information and data processing capabilities. Based on the powerful imaging design and embodiment, this special system developed by BMV technology

has perfected the background information data application, which can facilitate patients to understand the physical data of pets in real time, conduct phased comparisons, and convenient to make a "one-to-one" diagnosis and treatment plan to better serve "small patients".On the other hand, with the support of powerful data and efficient information processing system, the problem of remote diagnosis and treatment is solved, and it is convenient for centralized consultations in extraordinary times, centralized observations in special stages and other medical operations, and protect the health of your pet. Meanwhile, based on the current status of the animal cardiopathy treatment market, BMV technology

aims at the AIoT market of pet heart health through background data analysis based on providing a full range of services, and focuses on the development and launch of a pet health database system, which convenient for the health tracking management of the cute pets participating in the treatment, to take full care of the health of the baby.

BMV technology has always been committed to the health care of cute pets. In the research and development of pet medical equipment, as well as information and data services, which  has successively launched animal heart ultrasound BCU60 and animal anesthesia ventilator BAM-7. , Portable animal intelligent non-invasive electronic blood pressure monitor BDP-9 with good anti-interference effect and animal-specific laser physiotherapy instrument for pain relief that can be remotely controlled, and pet-specific intelligence with the support of professional R&D teams, such excellent products as remote MRI systems have realized the guarantee of excellent technology and excellent products, and spared no effort to protect the health of pets and give them meticulous care.



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