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The Benefits of Portable Veterinary Ultrasound Systems


All veterinarians should review the benefits of portable veterinary ultrasound systems to see the many advantages of incorporating the technology into their everyday practices. There are, of course, many benefits to ultrasound technology that veterinarians would be wise to pay special attention to, such as its quick diagnoses and mobility.

The portable veterinary ultrasound systems on the market today can improve the relationships veterinarians have with their clients by giving them instant diagnoses, helping with emergencies, and increasing access to the animal. We explore these advantages and several more in this article.

Accesses Patients in Remote Locations

Veterinarians may not always have an easy time reaching their patients. Some animals, like horses, are too large to fit into most veterinary offices. Other animals might be in too much pain to relocate from their homes. In those instances, veterinarians can use portable veterinary ultrasound systems to their greatest benefit.

Using a portable ultrasound system, veterinarians can travel to where they’re most necessary. Jumping between zoos and house calls, race stables and animal sanctuaries, veterinarians can carry their portable ultrasound equipment with them wherever they go. This allows them to expand their practice and improve animal access to care. For you as a veterinarian, the results are a booming practice and the knowledge that you and your tools have made a true difference.

Creates Accurate and Instant Diagnoses

Advancements in ultrasound technology have made portable systems capable of producing high-quality imaging similar to that of bulkier machines. You can move these battery-powered ultrasound systems from room to room. During an examination, veterinarians can look at the patient in depth, leading to speedier and more precise diagnoses.

With its ease of use and quick application, portable veterinary ultrasound systems give veterinarians the information they need to make quick decisions. Portable ultrasound machines, therefore, help animals get the correct diagnoses more quickly than other types of equipment.

Keeps the Practice From Getting Overwhelmed

When a practice has only a bulky, stationary X-ray system, the line for their use can get overwhelming. With all the preparation that goes into readying an animal for an X-ray, any lost time can make a big difference.

Portable ultrasound machines eliminate this problem entirely. If you have a machine on hand that is easy to transport, quickly reusable, and delivers instant diagnoses, you can say goodbye to long waits and frustrated clients. When you can treat all your patients like they are the only ones that matter, you will see how many more stick with you and your practice.

Less Costly To Maintain

Another of the benefits of portable veterinary ultrasound systems is that the machines are less expensive to maintain than their bulkier cousins.

A CAT scan comes with costly maintenance. They require the use of film, which is becoming more expensive every year. They also break down frequently, meaning veterinarians that still work with these machines are hemorrhaging money to keep them up and running.

Helpful In Emergency Scenarios

For many of the reasons already listed, portable veterinary ultrasound systems are a great boon in emergency situations. Since a veterinarian can take the machines wherever they go, they can bring the tools to the side of an ailing animal.

Furthermore, the non-invasive nature of a portable ultrasound system means that it will not damage animals in critical conditions. It does not cause the animal discomfort, and, unlike a CAT scan, animals do not need to be under anesthesia when they are in use, which is a major advantage for older pets that might not survive a general anesthetic. By using these devices, veterinarians can give accurate diagnoses in a timely manner, even while in the middle of intense medical emergencies.

Pet Owners Can Be More Engaged

With portable veterinary ultrasound systems, the veterinarian and pet owner can sit side-by-side as they analyze what is happening within the animal. Similar to how expecting mothers and fathers can watch a live feed of the doctor’s ultrasound imaging, pet owners and veterinarians can look inside the animal at the same time.

This arrangement will give the pet owner a heightened sense of involvement. They can absorb the information in real time, being as close to the action of veterinary medicine as they have ever been. It will compel them to ask more questions, listen to the veterinarian more intensely, and ultimately remember more of the information they hear during the visit.


Presets Save Time

Many veterinary ultrasound systems come with presets that allow you to minimize the amount of time you spend altering the image to see it more clearly. For instance, a veterinarian can preset the machine to view a dog’s heart, and the algorithm will change to include the proper contrast, depth, frequency, and focus.

These presets bring you to the diagnosis much more quickly. While in the past you had to waste your time playing around with your scan, it will no longer be necessary to make acute adjustments to get the quality you need.

Keep Up With Competition

Maybe this reason is a little cynical, but the cold truth is that more and more veterinarians are choosing portable ultrasound systems for their practices. If you don’t take the time to research veterinary ultrasound machines for sale, you may soon find yourself outdated. Veterinarians with these devices are able to move faster, more efficiently, and with more accuracy. If you want to scale upward, you will have to follow their lead.


Veterinarians are running out of excuses not to get a portable ultrasound system. With its ease of use and utilization in emergency settings, no veterinary practice is complete without one.

Veterinarians who have not yet adopted the new technology are only harming themselves. The competition will continue to grow more capable of handling the future of the industry, while holdouts become more and more like dinosaurs with each passing year. As soon as you start using a portable ultrasound system, you’ll see how quickly you can offer better-quality care to your patients. It will make your patients more appreciative and increase your own confidence in the long run.



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