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Reasons for Veterinarians To Invest in Upgrading From Film to Digital X-Ray

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The rate of change in veterinary medicine requires that practitioners keep a careful eye on advancements. Digital X-ray systems, which have been optimized as a vital technology over the decades, continue to rise in popularity, so much so that they are becoming the universally adopted method. For veterinarians that have not yet made the leap, here are reasons for veterinarians to invest in upgrading from film to digital X-ray.

Better Quality

Digital X-ray technology has gotten to the point where it can take far clearer pictures than Computed Radiology or traditional X-ray machines. Modern software allows veterinarians to adjust brightness, contrast, and zoom in on details. Using digital technology, veterinarians can get a lot more out of just one X-ray image.

Saves Time

A digital X-ray system can accomplish tasks at a fraction of the time used in conventional radiography. Working the traditional way, veterinarians need to manage dark rooms, plastic film, and chemicals to achieve the right image. Now, however, they can skip those steps and, using a tool like a digital X-ray panel, still create a stronger, clearer image.

Saves Money

The cost of digital X-ray systems has fallen significantly since they first came on the market 20 years ago. Now, the cost to purchase a new system may be a better deal than the amount you lose maintaining and fixing your older model. You will likely still pay to maintain your existing generator and bucky trays, but you will no longer be forced to overspend on film. You could use that money to strengthen your practice and save lives.

Necessary for Remaining Competitive

If you need more reasons for veterinarians to invest in upgrading from film to digital X-ray, you should consider how many other veterinarians already have them. Digital X-ray systems are universally replacing the older models. Veterinarians that use them are able to work faster and take on more clients. If you want to keep up with their growth, you’d better get one of your own.



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