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The Benefits of Flat Panel Detectors In Radiology


The veterinary medicine field has an overwhelming rate of change, and because of that, it’s worth taking some time to explore the benefits of flat panel detectors in radiology. By breaking down the reasons someone would want to buy one of these machines, you’ll be armed with more information to make an educated decision for your practice.

Better Sensitivity

Flat panel detectors operate at the smallest measurable level of X-ray absorption. Good DR panels have a higher sensitivity than film, thereby enabling a reduction in the number of X-rays needed to make a high-quality image. The result is a better picture with less radiation.

Reduced Operating Time

The benefits of flat panel detectors in radiology are prominently displayed when we consider the amount of time needed to produce the X-ray images. With older models, doctors needed to use film to process them. But that is completely eliminated by the digital imagery created by flat panel detectors.

More Portable

Unlike traditional X-ray machines, this piece of veterinary digital radiography equipment is easy to install. They are smaller and more lightweight than competing products. For veterinary and mobile radiography, in particular, they’re the more practical choice.

Operating Costs

Though the machines can be expensive, the operating costs saved using flat panel detectors could be worth it in the long run. Without needing to pay for film and chemicals, you could make your money back on the machine within two or three years—assuming it’s used frequently.


Veterinarians looking for ways to improve their practice are lucky to live in a time where improvements in technology are pushing the profession forward. To stay ahead of the game, you should consider how you can improve upon your current X-ray systems.

Through their improved sensitivity, portability, reduced time, and operating costs, flat panel detectors stand out as excellent tools in radiology. Now that you have a little background on what they can accomplish, it’s up to you to decide if they have a place in your practice.



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