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Perfect For Mobile Veterinarians: BMV Battery Powered Portable X-Ray Generator

If you want to be able to take an x-ray anywhere, a battery-powered generator is a great option for you.




A BMV battery-powered portable x-ray generator offers the ultimate portability, making it a popular choice among mobile practitioners.

Capture X-ray Images Anywhere

Since the BMV BDR-50 is cordless with long battery life, you’re not limited to an external power source during the course of your daily practice or on-call shifts.

That means that as an equine practitioner, you can conveniently use the machine in a barn or out in the field, without a power outlet nearby.

And as a small animal veterinarian, you can easily port your x-ray equipment with you—which is perfect for mobile practitioners.

No Cord, No Fuss

The BMV battery-powered portable x-ray generator is cordless, which means it takes less time for you to set up for a procedure and then pack everything up again.

No cord also means no chance of anyone tripping over the cord or of patients becoming entangled.


Wireless Technology

In addition to no cord for the power supply, the BMV BDR-50 also incorporates wireless technology for communication between the generator and the plate.

Radio-frequency (RF) communication means images can be captured without the need for a wire between the generator and the DR interface.

Lightweight and Compact

The generator is only 36 x 20 x 17 cm (approximately 14 x 8 x 7 inches), and weighs merely 6.8 kg (15 pounds). This makes it the lightest, most compact battery-powered generator on the market.

If you’re short on storage space or have to plan for carrying your equipment all day, having a compact, lightweight unit can really make your life easier.

Long Battery Life

With one full charge of the high-capacity lithium-ion battery, you get up to 300 exposures—which means you shouldn’t have to deal with a battery running low right when you need it!

For easy battery monitoring, the BMVx-ray generator also features an energy balance indicator (so you know the time for battery charging) and an LED indicator for when the battery is fully charged (which usually takes just 2-3 hours).

And should you need to replace the battery (its lifecycle is over 5 years, with no battery maintenance required), you’ll find the process to be simple and easy.

High-Frequency Technology Means Good Quality

The compact BMV BDR-50 features advanced, high-frequency technology, with 20mA and 90kV capabilities.

High frequency means a strong power output, with stable/repeatable settings for consistent, high-quality images.

So you receive excellent images, with less need for retakes.

Easy to Use

In addition to being lightweight, compact, and cordless, the BMV battery-powered portable x-ray generator is simple to use, with the option of programming your favorite settings so you don’t have to adjust the settings every time.

The collimator features a dual laser alignment system and a push-button light with a 30-second timer.

If taking an x-ray anywhere, without the need for electricity or an external power source sounds good to you, click here to learn more.

The BMV BDR-50 is available for affordable monthly payments (so it can pay for itself and earn a profit right away with use each month), as well as a 3-year warranty.


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