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The BMV Portable Plug-In Equine Generator: A Perfect Match For Equine Veterinarians

Mobile Generator for Equine Veterinarians

As an equine or large animal veterinarian, you don’t always have the option of practicing under ideal conditions.

Instead, you’re often out in the field—in a variety of weather conditions, and while transporting your equipment with you over long distances.

To make your life easier, and to get the maximum usage out of your equipment investment, it’s important to have equipment that’s lightweight and durable, that delivers high quality while being easy to transport.

That’s why a BMV portable, plug-in equine x-ray generator is an excellent option for your equine radiology needs.

Why choose a BMV?

BMV is considered a “go-to” brand by many equine practitioners.

The US-based company has been around for more than 50 years (since 1967) and has become a trusted source for quality x-ray equipment that’s easy to carry and use in rugged conditions. In addition to generators for veterinarians and MDs, BMV also produces x-ray equipment for military use.

That’s why a BMV generator is great for equine and large animal vets—because of the tried-and-true durability and portability combined with high quality images.

Advantages of the BMV Portable, Plug-in Equine Generator

Lightweight and easy to carry and transport. The lightest models weigh less than 15 pounds, for simple transport and positioning. A hard-sided carrying case, tripod, and tripod bag are also provided.


Durable, for use in rugged conditions. The machine is built for use in a variety of environmental conditions. It’s designed to last and to perform well, even after bumpy rides through pastures, dirt roads, and more, and while working out in the field.

Excellent image quality. The BMV generator is high frequency, meaning it can produce a powerful x-ray beam despite the machine’s small size and compact design, and that the beam is consistent for high quality, diagnostic images with fewer retakes and less motion artifact.

Easy to use. Pre-program up to five exposure techniques, to save time. And use the large, touch-pad control for easy setting adjustments when needed. You also have the option of displaying mAs or exposure time.

Simple to set up your shots. An adjustable light beam collimator with adjustable dual integrated laser pointers (bright lasers to indicate central x-ray position are easy to see even in sunny conditions) makes the process of focusing and setting up shots simple.

What Else Should I Know About the BMV Portable Equine Generator?

The DR compatible BMV generator comes with an 8-foot exposure cord and exposure switch, as well as a 20-foot power cord. A plug-in unit means you’ll never have to worry about batteries running low.

Also, a 5-year, limited warranty is available to protect your investment.


For an equine or large animal veterinary practice, you need durable equipment that can move with you and stand up to a variety of rugged conditions or travel to remote locations.

A high-quality, high-frequency generator like the BMV is a great option, because it produces consistently superior quality images, while also being lightweight, tough, and easy to transport.


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