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The Canon Cesium Flat Panel Detector And The BMV Flat Panel Detector : Choosing The Best Option For Your Veterinary Practice

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Compare before you buy

If you’re thinking of upgrading your x-ray equipment from films or CR, a DR flat panel detector is a great option.

There are several manufacturers that make these products, with Canon Cesium and BMV being top contenders.

Read on for more information that may help you decide which system is best for you.

What Is a Flat Panel Detector?

A flat panel detector is used for capturing images with digital radiography. There are two types: direct and indirect.

Direct FPDs involve converting x-ray photons into an electric charge, while an indirect FPD converts electrons to light and then to an electric charge. In both systems, a thin film transistor (TFT—a reader that contains millions of pixels, similar to the sensor inside a digital camera) reads out the image.

For indirect FDPs, the scintillator layer (the one that converts x-rays into light) may be made of cesium iodide or gadolinium oxysulfide, with cesium generally considered the superior of the two options.


Why Use a Flat Panel Detector?

One of the primary advantages is the speed of DR systems, which allows you to take radiographs more quickly and efficiently.

This means greater profits (many clinics report taking MORE radiographs after upgrading to digital) and improved patient comfort/safety.


DR also provides excellent image quality with less retakes and lower radiation doses.

Canon Cesium Flat Panel Detector

Canon is generally regarded by the veterinary community as a manufacturer that makes good quality products for diagnostic imaging.

The Canon CXDI flat panel detector features…

A cesium iodide scintillator, along with an amorphous silicon detector.

6.1 million pixels for a 14”x11” plate, 9.5 million pixels for a 14”x17” plate, and 11.3 million pixels for a 17”x17” plate.

A/D 16 Bit.

Carbon fiber design with ergonomic handgrips.

BMV Flat Panel Detector

BMV is also widely regarded as a reliable system that produces high-quality images.

The BMV flat panel detector features…

A cesium iodide scintillator, along with an amorphous silicon detector.

15 million pixels for a 14”x17” plate, and 18 million pixels for a 17”x17” plate.

A/D 16 Bit.

Automatic exposure detection.

Carbon fiber housing front and back.

Which Is Better: The Canon Cesium Flat Panel Detector, or the BMV Flat Panel Detector?

You really can’t go wrong with either system. Both have received overall positive reviews from veterinarians, and the final decision may come down to personal preference, along with complementary factors and services.

Here are a few things to consider when purchasing…

Warranty. Ask about warranty type (what it covers, and what it does not cover) and length, as well as cost to renew a warranty once it expires.

Loaner equipment availability. If you need to use your warranty or have equipment repaired, ask if loaner equipment is available and how quickly it can get to you. After all, you don’t want to be without radiographs for longer than necessary!

Ongoing expected costs, such as service/maintenance, software upgrades, and cloud-based storage costs.

Durability/expected lifespan of the equipment. Ask your sales rep and your veterinary colleagues for their experiences.

Software. You will use the software with each image you take, so be sure you like the accompanying software’s quality and ease of use. Also, check for image formats (jpeg or DICOM, for example) that you may need.

Compatibility. Will you use your current generator/table, and if so, does the DR system need to be fitted to your current equipment? Does the software integrate with your current practice management system?

Support availability. 24/7 support is best.


Upgrading to DR is an important decision that may take some research to choose the best system for your needs.

We recommend choosing a high quality, reputable brand (like Canon or BMV) and evaluating the software, deals, warranty/service, storage, and other factors that will impact your overall investment and satisfaction with your purchase.


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