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Veterinary Digital Radiography: CR and DR X-ray systems explained

What is digital radiography? What type of digital radiography is best for veterinary practice?As a vet, when hearing about digital radiography. you may have heard various terms such as CR, DR, DDR and CCD. Finding it a little confusing? We are here to help!


Definitions of Digital Radiography

Digital X-ray is the electronic capture of an X-ray exposure. The exposure is captured in a device that converts the X-rays to a digital signal, which is then represented on a viewing monitor for diagnosis. An image from an X-ray system that appears on a viewing monitor may have come from one of three technologies that we will introduce: CR, CCD and DR/DDR.

As with any other form of technology, X-ray imaging has come a long way since the days of processing films in dark rooms. When introduced to veterinary practice, CR X-ray systems provided a quicker and more efficient form of X-ray imaging for vets in small animal practice, with films being passed in cassettes through a processor and the associated software presenting the image on a computer screen within minutes. But technology has moved on once again and the latest innovation means you can obtain your X-ray image in a matter of seconds. With DR X-ray technology your image is processed and available to view in seconds, allowing you to swiftly move on to your next view. Full X-ray series can be complete in minutes - reducing anesthetic time and helping your practice run more efficiently. 

So what’s the difference between these technologies and which one is right for your veterinary practice? 


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