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Successfully held the Smart Agriculture Salon



       On October 25, Shenzhen Facility Agriculture Industry Association successfully held the "Smart Agriculture Salon" activity in Seeed Technology Co., Ltd. The activity was presided over by Zhang Jing, Secretary-General of the association. This salon gathered BMV ANIMAL Technology Co., Ltd. And more than 20 outstanding agricultural enterprise representatives to discuss the development direction of smart agriculture.


       First of all, Secretary General Zhang elaborated on the importance of smart agriculture, and pointed out that smart agriculture can bring huge changes and opportunities to the agricultural industry chain, improve the intelligent level of agricultural production, and help farmers increase income and get rich.


       Then, Cui Ming, Marketing Director of Seeed Technology Co., Ltd. China/Head of smart agriculture industry, introduced the "Agricultural meteorological Environment Perception and Auxiliary Decision System". The hardware part of the system mainly involves various kinds of agricultural meteorological environment monitoring sensors (meteorological, soil moisture, water quality monitoring, etc.), collectors, gateways and other environmental perception systems developed by Silai, and based on the scene needs of agricultural digital transformation, intelligent equipment integrating the latest hardware and software technology is developed, and close cooperation with ecological partners. Auxiliary decision making for the production of agricultural users. It also describes the requirements and experience of the current smart agriculture field on the stability, accuracy, consistency and other aspects of hardware equipment, and combines the digital agriculture empowerment cases of strawberry and mango industries to reflect the value of smart equipment and data support algorithm models and landing applications. The sharing also heralded the upcoming research and development progress of a new generation of intelligent equipment for environmental monitoring of facility agriculture and radar rainfall sensors.


       The Salon focused on the application of smart agriculture in the field of facility agriculture, such as smart plant factories, the application of artificial intelligence in planting and breeding, and the application and development of agricultural sensors. The application of these technologies can not only improve the quality and yield of crops, but also reduce the impact on the environment and achieve sustainable agricultural development.


       At the meeting, Ye Fei, head of Ou Tuo Nursery, put forward how to reduce costs and increase efficiency in container plant factories. He discussed the current situation of the market, government policies, cost analysis of the introduction system and how to cooperate in the subdivision of container plant plants. General Ye's speech provided the ideas and methods for in-depth analysis of container plant factories for the participating enterprises, and helped the participating enterprises better understand the field of container plant

       Dr. Yin Wu, general manager of Ruihaizhi, talked about the application and development of agricultural sensors, and he said that sensors are at the forefront of smart agricultural systems, providing basic data support for smart agricultural applications, and are essential equipment for building smart agricultural systems.


       Xu Shuangxing, head of fine fishing technology, introduced the digital fishery industrial park model of fine fishing technology. From his industry map, it can be seen that the introduction of intelligent equipment and systems can carry out comprehensive and accurate monitoring and analysis of the fishery production process, improve the fishery production efficiency and quality, and reduce production costs. Mr. Xu expressed the hope to form in-depth cooperation with related enterprises and develop together.


      During the salon session, Professor Mao Liang of Shenzhen Polytechnic University and Wang Jiageng, General Manager of the Rural Revitalization Division of China Construction Fourth Bureau, also made important speeches at the meeting. Mr. Wang shared the project of 100 counties, 100 towns and 10,000 villages in Guangdong Province currently carried out by China Construction Fourth Bureau, and said that the Greater Bay Area has more high-quality consumption needs of 40 million middle and high-end income people, and Guangdong is the epitome of national development. It is also hoped that through the platform of the association, agricultural science and technology equipment enterprises will cooperate in-depth and effectively practice industrial revitalization. The companies had an effective discussion on the topic, and the participating companies raised questions and gave suggestions on the content of the speeches. They said that they would take this event as an opportunity to further explore the possibility of cooperation, combined with the industry analysis of the upstream and downstream industry chains, and jointly promote the development of smart agriculture.ten

      Finally, Secretary General Zhang summarized the event and hoped that there would be more opportunities to discuss the future development direction of smart agriculture with BMV ANIMAL Technology Co., Ltd. and everyone in the future. At the same time, the association will continue to pay attention to and support the development of smart agriculture and contribute to the development of Shenzhen's facility agriculture industry.观矽递科技展厅  





   After the meeting, the association awarded plaques to the new enterprises  





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