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Veterinary Optical Coagulation Analyzer

Wondko Optical Coagulation Analyzer, used together with the test reagents, delivers quick lab-quality results that support clinical decisions in cardiology, surgery and intensive care.            
The first POCT coagulation analyzer that can test PT/INR, APTT, TT, FIB and ACT.


1. Screening test to assess the exogenous and endogenous coagulation system function
2. Monitoring anticoagulant treatment
3. Monitoring thrombolytic therapy
4. Monitoring the patient with certain disease, such as hepatopathy, infection, burn injury

· Small size (weight only 850g);
· Use of rechargeable battery.
· One-step operation.
· No accessory required.
Fast & Reliable
· Get results within 3 mins.
· CV ≤ 15%.

Items Sample Types Sample Size Reference Range
PT Whole Blood 20μL Canine: 5-15s Feline: 6-15s
INR Whole Blood 20μL Canine: 0.5-1.6 Feline: 0.6-1.6
APTT Whole Blood 20μL Canine: 15-45s Feline:15-43s
TT Whole Blood 20μL Canine: 8-20s Feline: 9-22s
FIB Whole Blood 20μL Canine: 1-3g/L Feline: 1-2.5g/L
ACT Whole Blood 20μL Canine: 50-150s Feline: 50-160sL

                                Main parameters of instrument

Instrument Model NX-102
Testing Capacity 30T/H
Sample Type Whole Blood
Dimension 200*195*116mm
Weight 0.85KG
Battery Life Run 10 tests after charge
Technologies Touch screen
LIS/HIS connection
ID Chip
Voltage/power AC220±22V,50HZ±10HZ

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We use technologies trusted by worldwide top group pig, sheep, cattle farms.

Patient & Doctor

We make animal-patient closely connect, by providing accuracy and intelligence.

Flexible Policy

MOQ,OEM,ODM,Timely on-line service.


We design products for users, turn complex medical tests into simple Veterinary checks.

Engineering Capability

22 national patents,13 trademarks,more than 30 software copyrights.


Red dot /IF Reward DesignHigh-Tech Enterprises.


We keep exploring, to create innovations for professional Veterinarians.


New-Generation Design,Portable Health Tracker with Free App, PC Software solution cloud service.

Pregnancy Detection

Pregnancy Detection

Animals, pigs, sheep, alpacas

Free app

Free app

Share PDF/CSV Analysis with Doctors

FDA Registered

FDA Registered

Medical Accuracy Trusted by Clinics

Built-in Memory

Built-in Memory

Works Together with app

Abnormal Alert

Abnormal Alert

Al Auto back-fat checking



charge battery with USB Cable Automatic shutdown fuction saves battery life

Free /Android app

Free /Android app

Gen erate Analysis & Trend Chart

Company Profile

BMV,bringing veterinary technology to life by improving animal care with diagnostic imaging, because we believe BMV's technology can help you improve animal care and our team can help you to grow your business together.

Founded in 2008,BMV is a hi-tech enterprise specialized in R&D, manufacturing, marketing, selling and service of animal diagnostic imaging equipment. We always focused on supplying the best ultrasound products and services to our customers, distributors and suppliers can rely on.

As customer-oriented, and R&D driven company, BMV Smart Agri, owning over 20+ types of products, all of our imaging equipment is designed and manufactured in-house.More than that, BMV company has around 40+ patents, software copyrights, core confidential technology, confidential technics.We always focused on supplying the best ultrasound products and services to our customers, distributors and suppliers can rely on,and deliver technology that really makes a difference in animal care.

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BMV,No1 brand Chinese manufacturer in veterinary ultrasound,veterinary specific medical devices and consumable products since 2008.

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