BMV, Chinese leader in vet equipment manufacturer & investor

- Veterinary x-ray imaging,bovine ultrasounds, equine ultrasounds
- Veterinary-specific medical devices, petkits, and consumables

Reproduction Biotechnologies

Ovine Reproduction Biotechnologies

Semen Collection, Extenders, Packaging, Freezing

Ovum Pickup (OPU)

Animal Reproduction

Everything you may need for all species, embryos, IVF, freezing, packaging, transport and storage.

Diagnostic Imaging

Ultrasound, endoscopy... All the appropriate and up-to-date material for new diagnostic and prevention techniques.

Veterinary diagnosis

All the necessary products for the perfect execution of the diagnosis.

Surgical material

Everything you need for an intervention or cure: Disposable material, sutures, gauze, drips, tweezers, scissors, obstetrics.

Syringes And Needles

From tuberculin syringes, vaccinators, needles and disposable syringes, through mouth dispensers and poles.

Protection Material

Leggings, cute gloves, masks, professional clothing... and the fact is that prevention through protection is the best way to avoid problems, both for animals and for those who work with them.


Diverse range of utensils and tools for animal identification, both temporary and permanent, that will allow you to keep a correct control of the exploitation.

Livestock Material

You will be able to find any product you need for your livestock farm; And if you can't find it, we'll find it for you.

Hygiene And Biosecurity

Detergents for cleaning, disinfectants, water treatments, driers for beds... all the products and utensils necessary for proper hygiene and biosafety.

Nutraceuticals And Animal Feed

Innovative products to reduce as much as possible the use of antibiotics and palliative products; products for the manufacture of feed, vitamins, minerals and flavorings.

Animal Health and Zoosanitary

We offer the most up-to-date products in the sector, with fast delivery methods and very competitive prices thanks to our collaboration with the best laboratories in the sector.

Monitoring And Geolocation

Little Animals

Equine Dentistry

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BMV,No1 brand Chinese manufacturer in veterinary ultrasound,veterinary specific medical devices and consumable products since 2008.

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