Ovum Pick Up OPU Solutions


Discover the most durable, reliable, portable, and easy-to-use veterinary ultrasound machines and OPU solutions available.

  • Installed 2500+ veterinary clinic & research departments and livestock farm, Zoo, etc.
  • Excellent Image
  • Easy work flow
  • 2 active probe connectors
  • Built-in Battery for off-site, emergency care DICOM
  • B, B/B, B/M, M, 4B, CFM, DPI, PW,CW
  • Powerful data management system
  • Rich Peripherals Ports (VGA,HDMI,USB,S-Video, enthernet)
  • Full High-tech Probes Family (I.E:phased array probe,the back-fat probe, OPU probe and its solution,rectal curved probe) comprehensive veterinary applications
  • In a crowded mid-range market, the BPU60 stands out in a few ways and differentiates itself with the tilt/swivel monitor,professional image processing technology, stable performance, quickly diagnosis , and overall usability.
  • The BPU60 competes most closely with the popular Sonoscape E3/E2 Pro and Chison EBit 60/50,Mindray Z6.

OPU Ovum Pick Up Transducer&Handels

  • BMV new OPU transducer is the smallest of its kind on the market, allowing it to be used in heifers and even young mares.
  • The transducer measures 61.5cm in length, and connects to the ultrasound unit with a 200cm cable.
  • The transducer is lightweight, weighing less than 1kg, and is easily guided with one hand. With 128 elements and a frequency band of 5.0-7.5MHz, the OPU transducer allows accurate visualisation with very high resolution.
  • The OPU transducer is a microconvex transducer with a 25mm field of view and a 150° angle across which the crystals are spread. This allows a wide view angle and easy visualisation of the whole ovary in a single image.

Cook® Vacuum Pump

  • Used to provide a low flow, regulated vacuum up to -500 mm Hg for general suction.
  • A pedal activates the vacuum response at the needle tip. The pump maintains a contant vacuum at its set level.
  • The boost button on the front panel increases the vacuum pressure to clear blockages in the ovum aspiration needle.
  • A volume-adjustable tone indicates when vacuum is applied.
  • The LED can display the vacuum pressure in mm Hg and kPa.
  • This pump is not intended for use in emergency airway clearing.

Aspiration pump for OPU

With medical warming block
Aspiration volume adjustable up to 310mm Hg
Warming temperature adjustable up to +50℃
Available in 120V or 240V


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