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EMPOWERING All Your Clinical Needs BPU60 Vet

The BPU60 Vet provides all the power you need for today’s challenging veterinary clinical environment, yet remain ultra-portable,ultra-affordable. With its cutting-edge imaging technologies, comprehensive functions, precise and intuitive workflow, ergnomic and eco-friendly design, versatile transducers for different diagnosis of Abdomen, Obstetrics, Cardiology, Small parts, Vascular,Tendon, etc. , we firmly believe the BPU60 to be the very best portable Equine, Farm & Small Animals ultrasound in its class today

BPU60 Vet

Advanced Technologies

  • Digital front-end technology 
  •  Multi-beam processing technology
  • Tissue harmonic imaging
  • Invert harmonic imaging
  • Speckle noise reduction technology
  • Spatial compounding imaging
  • High precision dynamic focus imaging

Mobility Innovative Design

  • Light Weight(7.5kg)
  • 15" High Resolution LED(rotatable 0°~45°)
  • Built-in Battery(120 minutes) for off-site, emergency care
  • Dual active probe connectors
  • Built-in probe holders
  • Rich Peripherals Ports (LAN,VGA,HDMI,USB,Video,Remote)
  • Ergnomic Trolley(Accessory box, printer&probe holders) 

Confidence for Diagnosis

Full High-tech Probes Family, Comprehensive Vet Clinical Applications

Clear imaging quality with more than 12 different professional transducers

Equine, Small & Farm Animals BestScan® S10

BestScan® S10 is wireless color Doppler ultrasound system with the exciting breakthrough in technology such as AI for better images,wireless freedom, works on popular smart device,specifically engineered for all aspects of bovine, equine, pig, sheep and goats reproductive imaging, as well as for equine tendon imaging.

BestScan® S10


  • 4K resolution, and best-in-class processing
  • Unmatched B&THI,M and colors
  • Doppler(color Doppler,Power, PW mode) imaging
  • Unbelievable experiences thanks to exceptional performance
  • Modular, Maintenance-free, future-proof platform
  • Power to go, 14 hours working time,wireless charging
  • Broad-bandwidth phased/linear/curved/rectal array transducer
  • Special patented BMV’s veterinary software
  • Fast connection and conversion
  • Compact dustproof and waterproof design
  • Rich measurement software packages
  • Plenty of accessories options
  • Intelligent HD imaging
  • Long continuous working time

In Touch with Veterinary


The innovative PT50 color Doppler ultrasound dedicated veterinary user interface offers quick and precise Animal Care imaging, diagnostics, storage and printing, thanks to its ease of use and full touch screen control.


Easy to clean Full touch screen(15’’)

Dedicated simplified interface

3 probes ports

Protection cover

Various animal veterinary measurement packages

Compact, height-adjustable trolley

iBstation for convenient review and image processing


Small size, great imaging

Weighing just 1.2kg, the BestScan® S6 is small in size, but big in functionality and features. The S6 was specifically engineered for all aspects of bovine and equine reproductive imaging, as well as for basic equine tendon imaging.

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