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- Veterinary x-ray imaging,bovine ultrasounds, equine ultrasounds
- Veterinary-specific medical devices, petkits, and consumables

Reproduction Biotechnologies

Bovine Reproduction Biotechnologies

  • For manual insemination

  • For cow birth canal inspection

  • For the uterus cleaning

  • Accurately find uterine orifice with HD probe

  • Go through three wrinkle with patented sperm duct

  • Relieve cow tension with shake massage

  • Reach to uterus with 35cm length probe

  • Constant temperature to avoid uterine fistula

  • Semen homogenization after insemination stimulates to avoid backflow

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BMV,No1 brand Chinese manufacturer in veterinary ultrasound,veterinary specific medical devices and consumable products since 2008.

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