S10 Color Doppler Ultrasound

BestScan® S10 Color Doppler Veterinary Ultrasound

The World's 1st IP67 Color Doppler Veterinary Wireless Imaging Platform

BestScan® S10 is Android app-based WIFI color Doppler ultrasound system with the exciting breakthrough in bovine and equine technology(Patient files, reports, annotations, specific measurements, IP67 for such a quality of imaging, working time of more than 10 hours, exceptionally lightweight and handling, are all adapted to veterinarians), answering the demands of today and tomorrow veterinarians.

s10 wireless Doppler ultrasound

s10 sense

Specifically engineered for all aspects of bovine and equine reproductive imaging, as well as for equine tendon imaging.

Do you need guidance in the vascular network? BestScan® S10 provides your “road map” – a perfect guidance system.


Benefits of the Color Doppler Mode:

  • Provides a visual overview of flow within the vessel or heart
  • Rapid identification of vessels, valves, turbulent flow
  • Assess flow direction and velocity
  • Quantify volume and percent vascularity when combined with 3D Mode
  • Guidance for reproducible quantification of flow velocities using Pulsed-Wave Doppler

Application of Color Doppler Ultrasonography in Bovine and Equine Reproduction

Doppler ultrasound is an emerging technology that has the potential to increase the diagnostic, monitoring, and predictive capabilities of bovine and equine theriogenologists and researchers. For example:

  1. We can use S10 for the non-invasive measurement of uterine and ovarian blood flow in cows and to determine changes in genital perfusion during the estrous cycle, pregnancy and puerperium, respectively.
  2. We can use S10 Doppler to detail blood flow within a mare's ovary and the testes in the stallion, and for assessing fetal viability. The pulsed wave Doppler form of spectral Doppler provides detailed information over a relatively small area whereas color Doppler and power Doppler provide limited information over a larger region. Pulsed wave Doppler will allow for specific measurement of blood flow, enabling the calculation of flow indices. Power Doppler provides a greater depiction of small blood vessels and lower flow rates than color Doppler and thus gives a better idea of total vascularity.

s9 s10 imaging

Innovative ergonomic design in every detail

With its IP67 strong shell, we’ve built robust S10 to withstand dirty farm environment and other unpredictable environments:

  • Rugged design
  • Design in line with the operator's habits
  • Lithium battery power supply for up to 12 hours
  • Deeper penetration with curved probe technology
  • Stay current with automatic app updates
  • 128 elements, receiving on 32 channels, 26 frames per seconds
  • Record videos and save images on your smartphone
  • 900 GRAMS

Viewing Devices & Abundant Accessories

We have a range of viewing options such as Android IP67 phone/pad and Android smart device goggles, and optional accessories such as wireless charger, IFR introducer, chest mount, wrist mount, and so on.

  • Rectal Convex Probe(Patent design): wide field of view and deeper penetration
  • Goggles(Patent design): A device offers you the best real-time monitoring service, Monocular Goggles, Binocular Goggles
  • Probe introducer(Patent design): eases shoulder and arm strain, BMV probe works with sizes of IFR™ probe introducer.
  • Wireless charging, and wireless charging pad
  • Wrist Mount: Mount smartphone to wrist
  • Chest Mount: Be used in conjunction with optional view device
  • Belt: Waist belt used to mount the scanner while in use


  • Step 1: Download the app

The robust S9 app is available on compatible Android smart devices via the QR code(coming soon on Google Play Store ).

  • Step 2: Connect the S10

Our innovation in portable ultrasound comes to your compatible device through a simple WIFI connection.

  • Step 3: Start scanning

Now you can quickly begin scanning with the quality of BMV imaging from your compatible smart device.

Compare the S10 with our other products.

Environmental rating:  With IP67 waterproof housing case for system and its probe head
Rugged: With its strong shell, we’ve built S10 to withstand dirty farm environment and other unpredictable environments.
Rechargeable Batteries: S10 gets its power from a rechargeable battery that will last for more than 720 minutes in active scanning and up to 15 days idle. 
Great image quality: S10 only handheld wireless ultrasound machine that doesn’t compromise on image quality. It offers high resolution ultrasound images that are as good as the best traditional portable systems.
Rotate Screen: You can operate the ultrasound system either in left hand layout or right hand layout by tablet or smart phone. It can automatically adapt to two different layouts when you rotate it.
Automated: With automated gain and frequency settings, S10 is designed to be almost as easy as using the camera on your smart phone.
Quality from the inside out: BMV using advanced high-volume manufacturing processes and stringent quality standards. Each transducer is meticulously crafted by our team using high quality materials. Controlling the entire manufacturing process allows us to ensure optimum quality control, every step of the way.
Assured connectivity Wireless networking, including Enterprise Authentication, is built in for secure connectivity
Assured delivery High-speed data transfer delivers real-time information up to 10x faster than a 4G smartphone
Patent design: Rectal Curved Array Transducer(wide
field of view and deeper penetration)+ Works with sizes of IFR™ Probe Introducer;                                                                                                                 
Rectal Linear Array Transducer + Works with sizes of IFR™ Probe Introducer;
I-Scan® Goggeles Binocular type (Android)
Workflow: Point-and-Shoot Ultrasound S10 with simplified workflow with focused on-farm animal exams,  is almost as easy to use as the camera on your smart phone. You don't have to make adjustments unless you want to.
Modular software: Easy for upgrade, free lifetime upgrade to new versions
Storage and Export: Images saved depending on the smart device. The 2GB of memory of smart device can store approximately 2,000 images! Transfer of images to a PC is easy using wifi,bluetooth,USB.


BMV Medical Technical Services & Support offers convenient options to maximize uptime of critical equipment while controlling costs. You deserve the peace of mind that comes with high quality service and support. Service personnel at BMV Medical focus on the needs of the healthcare institutions, so that care providers can focus on the needs of the patients.

Depend on our dedicated product specialists to deliver practical, comprehensive knowledge.

2-year warranty for peace of mind and low total cost of ownership.

Designed in the Taiwan and manufactured in China to meet the high standards of quality control, technical support and customer service that you've come to expect.

The single-board architecture and field replaceable modules make service fast and easy.BMV’s Customer Success Network gives you a Single Point of Entry for custom access to the right people for any situation.


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