BestScan® S4 wireless

vet ultrasound scanner designed for pigs,sheeps

1635922326531 F57835F5 5B44 40c5 81F1 5D990F2865E6 High-grade dust-proof waterproof design

1635922326568 97BD1BF7 DFDA 4490 B8A3 525CF6F519E5 Concealed waterproof charging port

1635922326579 A710C72F EDF5 400d 8F6C 68FFE497A160 Comfortable 45°upward design

1635922326592 0D70C7E7 DB13 4136 A752 51C936E86B71 Simple interface color touch screen


  • Designed for pregnancy diagnosis of sows, sheep and goats.
  • Excellent image reproduction scanning backfat measurement: automatic recognition, automatic measurement, automatic storage,Measurement results and manual adjustment as compensation.
  • Advanced dustproof and waterproof design,Comfortable grip design, hidden waterproof charging port.
  • Simple interface color touch, screen enhanced image quality, fast and accurate pregnancy.
  • Detection and automatic identification of backfat measurement wireless and ergonomicdesign,Avoid the inconvenience and fragility of the probe cable.
  • Completely sealed waterproof device, using high-quality chemical-resistant materials, easier to clean and disinfect, wireless charging and long working hours.
  • WiFi-6 and 5G ultra-wideband radio technology promote fast data transmission Use Connect!Vet Cloud to easily share images and data. The affordable copy tool is the most competitive with the popular IMV Duo-Scan:Go .

Pregnancy detection application

With exceptional pregnancy imaging performance and advanced analysis tools, S4/S3 Plus provides a combination of quality, efficiency and portability under pigs, sheep, or goats farm scenarios.

Total waterproof- Perfect comprehensive

Wireless connected-- Powerful & easy-to-use

Revolutionary iBTech+ platform--Enhanced image quality

Electronic transducer-- Steady performance & larger scan angel

1.Ibcear :Smooth uniform tissues

2.Synthetic-focus Beamforming:

Enabled synthetic-focus beamforming to address the problems associated with fixed and multi-focus beamforming

3.Probe S-crystal technology:

Broadband frequency response and higher sensitivity