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Smart Veterinary Monitor

Smart Multiparameter Patient Monitor for Small Animals

Main Features

  • Available with 1.5" and 2.4" screens
  • Small and delicate, easy to carry
  • High parametric measurement accuracy and reliable results
  • Reusable and low cost accessories
  • Mobile APP and device wireless communication
  • Remote monitoring, measurement data can be uploaded to cloud services
  • Big data analytics, allowing real-time analysis and comparison of measured data
  • Wave charts, long-term storage and trend analysis for professional reference by physicians


Electrocardiographic Monitoring

blood pressure

Blood Pressure Measurement

blood oxygen


pulse rate

Pulse Rate Monitoring

body temperature

Body Temperature Measurement


Respiratory Monitoring

ECG and respiration

  • Measurement 1 or 3 channels optional
  • Sample rate up to 500Hz*12 bits
  • Multiple detection modes: touch, 3-lead, 5-lead
  • 14 Arrhythmia Analysis
  • Respiratory pause forced alarms and alerts
  • Long-term monitoring, alternative to electrocardiac Holter

Blood oxygen and pulse rate

  • High accuracy of blood oxygen measurement
  • Anti-interference and anti-motion
  • Good low and weak perfusion performance
  • Simultaneous monitoring of blood oxygen, pulse rate and pulse wave
  • In combination with respiratory monitoring, respiratory tentativeness can be
  • Make valid judgements

Blood pressure monitoring

  • Dual circuit design, high precision
  • Double valve bleed and overpressure protection, safe and reliable
  • Special temperature drift treatment circuit with good consistency
  • Multiple measurement methods for long-term automatic measurement
  • APP software can set the alarm range
  • Alternative dynamic blood pressure HOLTER
  • APP for long-term storage of measurement data and trend analysis

Body temperature monitoring

  • High measurement accuracy of 0.1℃
  • Alarm alerts can be pushed to multiple phones
  • Continuous and accurate measurement

APP Features

  • One pet, one account, safe and secure.
  • Long-term home monitoring and data retention for accurate diagnosis
  • Multiple data trend analysis can reflect the health of pets
  • Message push function, pet owners and doctors monitor each other, remind
  • Remote consulting physician
  • Adjust the measuring range to the pet's own situation.
  • Alarm data can be reviewed for easy viewing and analysis


A replacement for the traditional high cost, bulky monitors that are widely used for medical examinations, preliminary examinations, surgery, dentistry, transfer, ICU, recovery room and home monitoring of domestic pets.

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