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- Veterinary x-ray imaging,bovine ultrasounds, equine ultrasounds
- Veterinary-specific medical devices, petkits, and consumables

Anesthesia & Intensive Care

Opening a Vet Clinic or Expanding?

BMV providing comprehensive solutions for animal hospitals and clinics

BMV , the providing comprehensive solutions for animal hospitals and clinics


Total Clinic + Equipment Solutions

Run a more efficient practice by partnering with BMV for all of your clinic and equipment needs. Our products incorporate the latest technology, veterinary-specific design, and quality to save you time and money—and help you provide a better all-around care experience.


Integrated innovation is our innovative idea and the core driving force of our company's development.We always maintain independent thinking and believes that "the product is designed, good enterprise is designed", based on long board integration concept, we construct an integrated innovation platform.

Price-shopping multiple vendors and juggling quotes, deals and reps is time consuming. We create customized equipment packages–in one simple agreement.

When you’re equipping an entire hospital, you can’t worry about shipping delays, damaged products, and coordinating installs. With BMV, all equipment ships together, on-time.

Our guaranteed on-time delivery helps you meet critical opening deadlines while our Equipment Consultants ensure your products are installed and ready for day one.

Find Equipment by Department

BMV has provided a wide range of veterinary medical equipment to veterinarians, veterinary surgery centers, research facilities, universities and technical schools. Veterinary facilities rely on BMV to provide products and services that save time and money, allowing veterinary surgeons to do what they do best.

Enjoy Peace of Mind and Cost Savings with Veterinary Equipment Packages from BMV

With BMV, you can choose from a variety of veterinary equipment packages that give you everything you need right from the beginning, or a great deal on the equipment you want for expanding practice.

Pocket HandHeld Ultrasound

Color Doppler Specialty Scanners

Color Doppler Specialty Scanners

Dual probe ultrasound scanner

Wireless Bovine Equine Color Doppler Ultrasound System

Wireless Bovine Equine Ultrasound System

Wireless Pig Sheep Farm Ultrasound System

Wireless Pig Sheep Farm Ultrasound System

Veterinary Ultrasound Machine

BPU80 Vet
Color Doppler Ultrasound

BPU60 Vet
Color Doppler Ultrasound

PT50 Vet
Touch Color Doppler Ultrasound System

Veterinary Endoscopy System

BVI-11 Vet
Animal Endoscopy Systems

BVI-15 Vet
Animal Endoscopy Systems

Veterinary X-ray System

X-Ray Table

X-Ray System

Veterinary X-ray Solution


BAM-7 Pro
Veterinary Anesthesia machines

Veterinary Multiparameter Monitor
Anesthesia machines

Veterinary oxygen concentrator

BAM-5 Pro
Intelligent Animal Anesthesia Ventilator

With high-performance turbine drive, BAM-5 Pro ventilator no longer needs driven gas!

BAM-5 Ultra
Veterinary Electric Turbo Ventilator

With high-performance turbine drive, BAM-5 Ultra ventilator no longer needs driven gas!

BMO220/BMO320 Vet
Modular Veterinary Monitors

BMO210/310 Vet
Veterinary Vital Signs Monitor

N5 Vet Type-50
Petmate™ Capnograph Monitor

iM5 Vet
Petmate™ Veterinary Hospital BP Monitoring System

Veterinary Capnograph

To monitor ETCO2 and respiratory rate to help veterinarians identify animal ventilation in time.

Anesthesia Mask
for Rat, Mouse, Small Animal


I2A Vet
The IV Fluid Warmer

Intensive Care Unit

To monitor ETCO2 and respiratory rate to help veterinarians identify animal ventilation in time.


Flexible Veterinary Dental Unit

Completely fulfill the needs of veterinarians for the dental treatment of animals

BDS-6 Pro
Veterinary Dental Unit

Provides a variety of functions for veterinarians, such as grinding, polishing, cutting and cleaning, and makes daily animal oral health work easy and efficient.

CMOS Image Sensor
For X-Ray

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BMV,No1 brand Chinese manufacturer in veterinary ultrasound,veterinary specific medical devices and consumable products since 2008.

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