Zoo And Marine Mammal Ultrasounds


Battery Powered, Portable and Able to Scan your most Challenging Patient

BMV ultrasound machines are built for the rigors of your workplace.

  • IP67 waterproof performance
  • Unmatched 2D, colors Doppler, 4K resolution, and best-in-class processing
  • Unbelievable experiences thanks to exceptional performance
  • Modular, Maintenance-free,future-proof platform
  • Wireless charging, 14 hours working time
  • Broad-bandwidth phased/linear/curved/rectal array transducer(12 to 1 MHz operating frequency range)
  • Wide range of clinical applications such as:Cardiac,Abdominal,Rectal and more
  • Can be used by vet cardiologists, general vet practitioners&professionals in a wide range of settings such as equine, small animal hospital;
  • Clean up's a breeze. From the probe tip to the display, everything is easily cleanable.
  • Its extremely lightness and finish allows for effective use, avoiding the risk of cables with pig,sheep,goats species animal.
  • Connectivity:Export studies via MicroUSB or DICOM,Print to wireless printers,Share, send and archive images,Display images through HDMI port
  • Power to go. 12h working time,all day long.Charge anywhere,wireless charging
  • BMV Service & Support:Inclusive wireless upgrades,Backed by a full 2-Year Warranty from BMV
  • The S10 together with S9 competes most closely with the popular IMV Easi-Scan and ReproScan ultrasound machines.In addition,an affordable teaching tool—Perfect for Vet School
s10 ultrasound scanner
  • Excellent Image;

  • Easy work flow;

  • 2 active probe connectors;

  • Built-in Battery for off-site, emergency care DICOM;

  • B, B/B, B/M, M, 4B, CFM, DPI, PW,CW;

  • Powerful data management system;

  • Rich Peripherals Ports (VGA,HDMI,USB,S-Video, enthernet);

  • Full High-tech probes family (I.E:phased array probe,the back-fat probe, OPU probe and its solution,rectal curved probe) comprehensive veterinary applications;

  • The BPU60 competes most closely with the popular Sonoscape E3/E2 Pro and Chison EBit 60/50,Mindray Z6.In a crowded mid-range market, the BPU60 stands out in a few ways and differentiates itself with the tilt/swivel monitor,professional image processing technology, stable performance, quickly diagnosis , and overall usability.



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